Best Internet Archive sites like Wayback machine | Top alternatives

Best free Wayback machine alternatives for Web archiving

There are many reasons you might need an alternative to the Wayback Machine. Maybe you can’t access the Wayback Machine for some reason, or you need more features than it offers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Sites like Wayback Machine out there.

This Internet Archive tool is a nonprofit digital library that offers a library of both deleted and live published pages and resources. It has a huge collection of websites, videos, and other multimedia files. It’s searchable, and you can browse by date or keyword.

Sites like Wayback machine

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Wayback Machine has been useful for many such as retrieving a file that has been deleted or simply locating a web page that has been long deleted. It is also useful for website look up where you can check out the history of a particular domain or website. There are a lot of usefulness associated with web archiving tools like Wayback Machine.

However, Wayback Machine may not have some features you need and you are probably considering exploring other Wayback Machine alternatives, today is your lucky day as we will be giving you the best Sites like Wayback Machine you can use as a replacement. Most of them offer free service while some may ask for a fee in order to have access to the full features.



Best similar Sites like Wayback Machine for Internet archives



Similar to Wayback Machine and the popular time-travelling website Archive today offers a free tool to locate a webpage and to capture a screenshot. The idea behind is to provide a method for anyone to easily access the contents of the Web. It is an effective way for users to quickly locate files and capture a screenshot of a webpage, and the website design makes the task easy and user-friendly.

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2. Stillio

Stillio is different from WaybackMachine for its snapshots of Web sites can be taken at regular intervals. It works by taking screenshots at regular intervals: hourly, daily, weekly, or whichever interval you decide is suitable. Stillio makes it possible to download websites with multiple frames in minutes. This process is simpler and more convenient than Wayback Machine. The program is best suited to capture the information you are after as it allows you to check whether it is still available or not.


3. Time Travel

Time travel is a good Wayback Machine alternative that can do a lot of the right within its nice easy to use interface. it is free and easy to use. A tool designed using the API, this tool allows you to use time-travelling feature to visit a site at a moment in time. In a way, the tool allows users to choose from any archive so that the preferences of the user are met, and the tool is easy to utilize.



As the name suggests, this tool help with Permanent record of websites which is different to WayBack Machine. The tool’s features include time-lapse videos, a record of the page’s source and backlinks, and a way to share a screenshot of any site.

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5. Yubnub

Yubnub is a browser that allows users to browse websites and search for information. It also lets users build their own websites and commands linked to Web sites, without needing to have any experience.


6. MirroWeb

There are claims that Mirrowweb is the best Wayback Machine alternative for the Finance industry. It retains archived webpages and preserves webpages in ways that help protect them from getting lost and archived. So no data is lost with this tool and it can capture every bit of a website including the footer links.


7. Smarsh

Smarsh is a great substitute to Wayback Machine. The app allows users to capture relevant resources across a wide range of channels even more than 80 channels. It’s easy to navigate and provides analytics in the form of visualised data. The dashboard provides reports to help businesses identify risks and manage their data. The main benefit of Smarsh is that is an all-in-one app that offers customized reports.

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8. ArchiveBox

ArchiveBox is a web archive site; it does more than Wayback Machine. Anyone with a bit of web development know-how can utilize this web archive application to preserve any website they want to preserve. ArchiveBox is much better than the Wayback Machine because it can preserve websites in multiple different formats.

You are able to set it up and sleep soundly, knowing that your website will be preserved no matter what happens. This service is mostly used to collect and save websites people think are useful offline.


9. Broswer Extensions

Go Back in Time and Resurrect Pages extensions works on Chrome and Firefox respectively by using different caches that have been kept by different major search engines. They are a great way to look to see how websites looked decades or even centuries ago if possible. Archival services can be used by leveraging this browser extension which makes it possible for users to access the resources just right-click on a web page.

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10. Pagefreezer

Pagefreezer is a web-based information management solution for the web and social media archiving market. It specially targets organisations and businesses of any size and makes archiving web as easy as saving a file. This solution works with cloud-based architecture, and it is suitable for the web and social media archiving market, and is ideal for use in industries such as education, finance, and retail.



Use any of the alternatives to Wayback Machine to get the archive of any site. You can even access a website that is officially dead by typing its URL into the box at the top and clicking Browse History. You’ll be presented with a timeline. Choose the year from the drop-down menu at the top, then the month from the catalogue on the page to get the exact date.

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