Top best screen recorder for android device

Best screen recording apps for android

One of the incredible and interesting stuff you can do with your smartphone is screen recording if you are using an android, ios, pc, mac book, tablet or some other device you might own. If you are beginning a YouTube tutorial channel or if you are to demonstrate some complex procedure to follow in a specific tutorial to be adopted by the subscribers on the comparable device, you will certainly need a screen recording apps. You can however record and save the screen for personal use and for reference purposes, as well.

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In this post, we will concentrate on Android phones, although other devices such as the Apple iPhone may also be eligible for some of the applications that will be mentioned. You can quickly access the screen of your android device directly instead of using an external camera or monitor, thanks to a host of apps on the Play Store that can carry out the task for you, but some new version of the android OS comes with a screen recorder, but you might still want to try using another one.

Below are 8 cool apps that you can use to record your screen on your Android device, so lay back, take a pause, take your pick and hit record.

Top  software for Android devices for recording

1. DU  Recorder

This is a simple screen recorder that does not need any Android version to have root access. It is also absolutely free and does not include any advertisements or in-app payments. This software is also completely ad-free. You can capture video in High definition. The highest quality is 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60FPS. This app’s very user-friendly user interface can be used by even the dumbest person and supports over 20 different languages. This recorder offers HD video support with several resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates. You may shake the system in effort to stop capturing. It comes with a GIF maker, too. You need to read the features of this software.[the_ad id=”236″]

DU Screen Recorder’s Features:

  • External sound recording
  • Add music in the background to video files.
  • Add some effects such as Blur, Crop Picture Pixelates. There is just too much that you can do with e.t.c.


2. Screen Recorder from RecMe

RecMe is free, as well as one of the few screen recording apps that can capture internal audio as well as video when used on a rooted phone. You can’t take advantage of the internal audio function if you’re not rooted, but you still have plenty to play with on the front screen recording, including video quality up to 60fps 1080p, a front/back camera overlay (for Pro users), and microphone recording.
The user experience is fantastic and friendly, making it look like it could be an official screen recording app incorporated into your phone with the Material Design aesthetic.


3. Screen Recorder by Mobizen

Mobizen is also regarded as one of the most common screen recording apps on the Play Store, and it is also free, offering a variety of features, including 60fps full HD recording. After you have filmed them, it also has a range of options to pizazz up your videos, such as background music and the ability to film yourself doing intro and outro videos.
Mobizen Screen Recorder download
It’s especially good for gamers, allowing you to monitor your sessions while recording your face reacting to the action on the screen. You can capture your reactions with Facecam while recording game sound and your speech. In summary, this app helps you to record the screen when watching videos and gaming. If you’re a gamer fan, you’ll understand it.[the_ad id=”236″]


4. AZ Screen Recorder

For Android 5.1 version, this free screen recorder is highly recommended. It does not require root access and has a freeze and resume recording feature, which is especially helpful for creating video tutorials. This package offers the size of the video with no time limit. Also, this app does not apply a watermark to your video. Since this app is ad-free, you won’t be bothered by meaningless and distracting advertising. Using this app is incredibly simple as there is a simple button to start and stop the session. This software comes with a countdown timer that enables you to make changes at the last moments. The video you have captured can be trimmed to cut down on time spent on unnecessary stuff. In a small overlap window, you can also capture your thoughts, which can be dragged to any position on the screen and modified to any size and visibility.

You will never be disappointed by these quick but highly rated screen recording apps for Android.


5. ScreenCam Recorder

Seeing a free lightweight app that doesn’t fire ads at you is always fantastic, and lets you do just what its name implies. ScreenCam does not have as many configurations in this list as other Android screen recorders, but it does more  work with the basics, allowing you to adjust video bitrate, resolution recording, and the framerate you want to use (up to 60fps) (up to 60fps) (up to 60fps) (up to 60fps) (up to 60fps) (up to 60fps).
It also receives periodic updates, so you have seen the addition of floating widgets that allow you to monitor your recordings from any sceen
The absence of a Picture-in-Picture mode is one significant omission at this stage, so you can’t record yourself when capturing the screen with the front camera.[the_ad id=”236″]


6. Recorder by Telecine

Another incredible screen recorder application for Android devices is Telecine. With minimum settings but a strong performance, it is a highly simplified app. The overlay screen is responsible for beginning the recording and stopping it. There is a limit to this app, however. While recording the video, you can not capture sound. Otherwise, it’s as fine as others with this app.

Telecine Features

  • Up to 720p, you can record HD videos
  • Using this app to edit your captured videos


7. Games for Google Play

You’re shocked, right? A majority of folks don’t know the screen can actually be captured by google play games. If you want to stop installing any third-party applications, however, and particularly if you mainly want to capture gaming things, then on your Android device you can just use the official Play Games app.[the_ad id=”237″]

Simply open the Play Games app, go to the details page of the selected game, then tap the record icon at the top of the screen. You’ll get 480p and 720p video options, but nothing is too high-def, but it’s built-in, so we’re not complaining.
But maybe you want to record something else, a tutorial, then you don’t have to worry, all you need is to follow the steps above, then just leave the game when it begins.  Sencillo! Just as my friend from Spain would say.


8. Rec Screen  Recorder

It’s free as well. Even then, if your machine’s Android version is 4.4, then you need to root your device on that device to make this app run smoothly. You can record 1-hour-long videos along with audio by using this free screen recorder. Any of your widely used setups can be pre-set. To get your screen recording set-up flawlessly, you can configure the countdown timer. Shake your device or simply turn your computer off to stop the recording.

That you can get used to quickly.

  • Features of Rec  Recorder
  • Long screen recording for Mobile only, with up to 1 hour of audio recording.
  • It works with a stunning user interface.
  • Your favorite settings can easily be saved as Presets.
  • Show screen touches for the length of your recording automatically.

Yeah, that’s how we have it. Hope you’re enjoying the article and hope you’ve found the one that suits you. Let us know what you feel in the comment section below.

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