Best free File Archiver tools like Winrar | Top alternatives

Best free WinRAR alternatives for File compression and decompression

There are many different types of software out there that can be used to open compressed files. Some people prefer to use WinRAR, while others prefer to use different software or app. In this article, we will discuss the best free WinRAR alternatives that you can use to compress and decompress files with ease.

Winrar archiving alternatives

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So if you need a free File Archiver tool like Winrar for your PC or smartphone, be sure you will find it in this article. Note that all of them are a good replacement for WinRAR app as they share similar features and usage.


Best similar apps like WinRAR for File archiving

1. jZip

jZip is a new program that can compress your files in a matter of a few minutes and does so with ease. It operates in a user-friendly interface and it can run on a variety of operating systems. jZip is free. It doesn’t give you a whole lot of options to choose from and includes a few adware packages. But of course, you can disable them in the setup.


2. The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver Unzipper is a simple tool for Mac and Linux users who wish to convert files or folders from their archived state to an extracted state. The process of operation is quick and simple (unzip, unarchive and go)

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3. WinZip

WinZip is not free software, but it comes in a free trial format for Windows users. The premium version is of two types, you will enjoy either one you purchase (standard and professional). The software allows for zipping and zipping in all common formats and also encrypts files. The major advantage of WinZip is that it does a virus check before opening the folders or files and thus you won’t encounter an infection.

This freeware isn’t the best and most powerful option available, but it’s still a very popular alternative to WinRAR. In addition, you can use the free trial, and doesn’t require any form of additional file.


4. Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver is s good alternative to the WinRAR app that offers compression of documents with its free version and also offers the ability to add compression levels so the user can add the ratio he or she likes. The program also accommodates over 40 languages.


5. 7-Zip

7-Zip definitely receives a good amount of mention. It offers users up to 10% better compression than other tools like ZipAr and WinZip. When you are saving a file using Windows Explorer using default compression settings, you can save the file in the compression level of 30-70%. This is one of  the widely used file archiving tools just like WinRAR.

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6. PeaZip

PeaZip is a powerful, open-source tool for protecting files, hiding it in almost any size file and being able to create your own decryption tools. It can work on multiple files at the same time, and allow you to choose only specific files from a larger file.

Its file compression tool is in similar compression features to 7-ZIP. It will not only compress your files, but it will also allow you to select only the most popular file types to have them archived in the future.


7. Bandizip

Bandizip is a compression and decompression archiving tool or program that doesn’t add any kind of adware or malware and is available for Windows 7,8,10 and Mac OS X. This program allows you to scan files for viruses before you open the files and it supports multi-core compression. As a result, your files will be compressed faster.


8. ExtractNow

For a free tool, this one can do the job fairly well, however, it can only extract files. This makes this an excellent choice because it allows you to extract multiple files in one go. You can just drag and drop compressed files in the interface of this tool, click on Extract to extract all of them at once. This tool is very easy, and it makes sure that you will have to click just few buttons. Just like the other tools it also supports different file formats.


9. Zipware

A combination of zip and ware is a tool like WinRAR that is worth checking out if you are looking for a simple and efficient compression/un-packing tool. It packs everything you would ever need and it also seems to work quite well. The interface has colorful big and bright buttons perfect for your eyes which you can use to easily find all the different functionalities of this excellent tool. So if you want to use one of the “Old-Fashioned” WinZip type programs, maybe you should take a look at Zipware.

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One advantage of Zipware, though, is that it can scan files for viruses. You won’t find any antivirus software on this list or any tools that can scan individual files. Zipware is completely free to use, but you can make a donation if you wish to support its development.


10. Ashampoo ZIP Free

Ashampoo ZIP Free is a comprehensive software that can open more than 60 format formats and has a simple user interface alongside 256-bit AES encryption. The software includes all the essential features for free such as ZIP reading, preview, extraction, and repair of damaged archives and zip files.

Ashampoo is a good Windows software for beginning users; it is fast, with multi-core compression and self-extracting capacities. Users can create large archived with special effects. Ashampoo has also provided users with a streamlined sharing and uploading process. This process allows users to share and upload files easily from their browsers to their cloud storage space.



A lot of people will be looking for an alternative to WinRAR, and it’s beneficial to understand what other alternatives are out there. When it comes to today’s fast-paced world, an archival tool can be of extreme significance. As a result, WinRAR users must be aware of all of the alternatives that are around. Feel free to check out the file Archive Apps like WinRAR we have listed above as they are all good replacements.

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