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Best Google Voice alternatives for Internet Virtual calls

Google Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service or in simple terms, “a Virtual telephone service” and it is best known for voice mails, call forwarding, texting and even voice calls. A lot of businesses have taken up Google Voice and incorporated it into their business. Google voice has its own mobile app which allows its users to be able to use the service on both computers and smartphone devices such as Windows phones, iPhones and even Android.

Apps like Google voice

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However, due to some limitations on this software, a lot of people are searching for alternatives to Google Voice for their business. Google Voice was actually designed to be used for personal purposes and using it for business or other purposes can come with some limitations. If you are simply looking for apps like Google Voice to try out other VoIP services or you want to simply replace Google Voice, you will be surprised that some of this Google Voice replacement works better.

You should also understand there are no completely free alternatives to Google Voice as you will have to pay a token for every service to enjoy them without limitations. So if you find an app that says it is a free alternative app to Google Voice, then you should know you are likely not to get the full features of a good VoIP.

Today, we will walk you the top best Apps Like Google Voice both free and paid. These are the best competitors that actually offers the best service that is similar to Google voice for personal and business uses.


Best similar apps like Google Voice


1. Ringblaze

Ringblaze is one of the cost-effective apps like Google Voice that is designed specifically for sales and support organizations. However, its pricing is proportional with its simplicity. Ringblaze is entirely dedicated to assisting you in collaborating on calls, it does not even include text messaging. Additionally, you’ll need to use your computer, as Ringblaze does not offer a smartphone application.

Pricing Structure

Ringblaze offers a single package for $19 each user per month. You’ll be able to swap phone numbers, record conversations, and get unlimited international calls to the United States, UK and Canada. Bear in mind, however, that calls to toll-free lines and internal calls between coworkers are charged on a per-minute basis.

Ringblaze can assist you in developing an effective help desk, but without a mobile platform or SMS, it can limit your capacity to provide a five-star experience to your clients.

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2. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a great Google Voice alternative that provides toll-free and local phone numbers in more than 90 countries. It does, however, have a comprehensive set of call forwarding and routing capabilities. Freshcaller, on the other hand, includes some hidden fees and does not offer text messaging or free calling. Additionally, customer support appears to be a major issue.

Pricing Structure

Freshcaller, like Google Voice, offers a free plan. This sounds fantastic except that no plan is truly free. Each plan requires you to obtain a phone number(s) and pay per minute for making and receiving calls. That is not the end of Freshcaller’s additional charges.

  • Sprout plan: charges 1.3 cents per minute for personalized greetings, caller identification, and customer service.
  • Blossom: $19 per user per month includes 1,000 free monthly inbound minutes, voice messages, voicemail transcriptions (at a per-minute rate), and call record with a per-minute fee
  • Garden: $39 per user each month includes 2,000 free incoming minutes, an interactive voice response system, call conferencing (for a per-minute subscription)
  • Estate: $59 per person each month for 3,000 minutes of free incoming call and a holiday forwarding.
  • Forest: $99 per user monthly includes 5,000 minutes of free incoming calls and a speech-enabled auto-reply robot.

Freshcaller offers a variety of powerful call management tools, but it has several fees and inadequate support


3. OpenPhone

For small enterprises and startups, OpenPhone is similar to Google voice with thousands of satisfied consumers. Additionally, it is one of the most reasonably priced solutions on this list

OpenPhone is a telephone system that enables your sales, production, and customer support teams to manage incoming calls and SMS messages collaboratively. Multiple members of your team can use the platform to access a shared company phone line and collaborate on discussions. Additionally, when teams have distinct phone numbers, calls can be redirected or sent to the appropriate individual with a few taps.

Additionally, OpenPhone supports Canadian dialling and offers local Canadian phone lines (along with US local and toll-free numbers), enabling you to effortlessly operate in or extend your business into Canada. You can also record your calls.

Pricing Structures

  • Standard plan: It cost $10 per user for each month and it includes, One new local or toll-free phone number, calling and messaging to US and Canadian numbers, voice message transcription and auto-attendant
  • Premium plan: This cost $20 for each user per month. Package includes; call transfers, Group calling, auto-reply robot, call reporting and Hubspot integration
  • Enterprise plan: This is the highest tier on the subscription list and it is meant for big businesses. No price tag is on public display. You will have to contact the tool’s customer support for pricing.  Features include; Custom contract and pricing, dedicated account manager and call report

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4. Nextiva

Nextiva is another VoIP phone service and it is a prominent Google Voice competitor that offers domestic and international calling inside the United States and Canada.  While it does have several functions that Google Voice doesn’t seem to, such as robot attendant and customer assistance, it may not be the best choice for small enterprises and startups.

Pricing Structures

Nextiva’s pricing structure is not completely oblivious. When you visit their pricing website, you may be surprised by the low monthly charge of $18.95 per user. However, if you want to pay every month (rather than commit to a yearly plan) and indicate that you have a small workforce, your starting pricing is dramatically increased.

  • Essential plan: $30.95 per user, per month, including auto-attendant and limitless voice and video conversations.
  • Professional plan: $35.95 per user, per month, which includes CRM connections and endless SMS
  • Enterprise plan: $45.95 per month per user for more features like call recording and analytics
  • Ultimate plan: $75.95 per month per person for more predictive analysis, customer surveys, and other additional features

Since it is a complex service, existing customers consider Nextiva alternatives because the company’s lowest rates are not suitable for smaller businesses in the greatest need, and excellent support is not assured.



5. Telzio

Telzio’s cloud-based phone system provides local numbers in around 50 countries and enables you to add an infinite number of customers. However, while it is designed for business use, it is not designed for businesses that handle a high amount of calls. Additionally, it demands you to pay for 100% of the platform’s services or tools, including those you do not require.

Pricing Structure

Telzio’s monthly pricing is determined by the number of call minutes and SMS messages you choose to receive each month; there are no typical pricing levels. The lowest monthly fee is $50, which provides 1,000 minutes each month. To add 1,000 SMS messages, you must increase your monthly payment to $77. This Google Voice competitor includes call recording, call analysis, toll-free lines, and connectors with Zapier and Stripe.

Telzio is an all-in-one call center solution, but it is not sophisticated enough to justify the expense, particularly if you need to make a large number of calls or send a large number of SMS messages.

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6. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a well-known VoIP provider with an intuitive interface and both local and toll-free lines. However, while Grasshopper is well-known and includes sufficient professional capabilities to substitute Google Voice, it is not designed for collaboration. No integrations, shared contact numbers, or call recording features are available. Additionally, price can be puzzling.

Pricing Structure

As with Telzio, Grasshopper expects businesses to invest in all of its capabilities, including voice message transcriptions, call analytics, and more, regardless of the package selected. Their three categories basically differ in terms of the number of phone numbers and extensions available.

  • Solo: Monthly fee of $29 for a single phone number and 3 extensions
  • Partner: Monthly fee of $49 for 3 telephone number and 6 extensions
  • Small Business: Monthly fee of $89 for 5 phone lines and unlimited extensions

Grasshopper, unlike Google Voice, is designed for business, although it may be quite expensive for small businesses and does not allow for the creation of a call center or collaboration.


7. Ooma

Ooma is indeed a Google Voice alternative that facilitates calls within the United States, Canada, and Mexico yet it only sells US-based phone lines. It’s accessible on all plans as a mobile app or as a desk phone service. However, even with its enhanced subscription, Ooma lacks real advanced features.

Pricing Structures

Ooma provides two reasonably priced pricing levels, but you will be losing out on more robust features such as integration and analytics.

  • Office plan: $19.95 per user, per month, includes one toll-free number, a robot attendant, call forwarding, and text messaging.
  • Office Pro plan: costs $24.95 per user each month, and includes call recording, voice transcription, video calls, and a desktop application.

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8. Sideline

Want to concentrate primarily on SMS after leaving Google Voice? Sideline is a text messaging solution for businesses that enables you to create a dedicated work number or share one with your team. However, you may discover that functions are severely limited unless you make a upgrade from the free plan to the premium and Sideline is only available for mobile devices. such as Android and iOS.

You can also make calls using your Sideline phone number, but you’ll need to use your own carrier minutes if Wi-Fi is unavailable or unreliable.

Pricing Structures

When comparing Sideline’s three pricing models side by side, it’s possible to see that you’ll need the Pro plan to acquire all of the functionality you want for business messaging. This results in a quite expensive service, especially when you consider that you will still require your own home phone to use the call capabilities. Additionally, the Pro plan is available only on iOS.

  • Standard: $9.99 a month includes one shareable phone number (available in the United States only), auto-attendant robot, and voicemail transcriptions.
  • Enterprise: $9.99 per line, per month, including administrative control and auto-reply.
  • Pro: $29.99 per month includes SMS marketing functionality, hotkeys, and customer service.

Sideline is a capable business text messaging service at its most expensive level, but its flexibility is hampered by limited device compatibility and a lack of calling functions.


9. JustCall

JustCall is a Google Voice rival that enables you to claim and share local phone numbers in over 70 countries. JustCall, like Ringblaze, is designed for support and sales reps (but with SMS and a smartphone application). Unfortunately, if you’re creating a calling centre, this can be an expensive solution, as no plan includes any call minutes details. Lack of reliability is another significant concern that users experience.

Pricing Structure

While JustCall’s plans include some excellent features, they are still more costly than a number of the other services on this list.  And its monthly pricing does not include the 1.5 cents per minute charge for the majority of local calls or the exorbitant 10.35 cents per minute charge for Alaska calls.

  • Standard: $25 per user monthly includes one complimentary number, auto-reply robot, call routing, and call record feature.
  • Premium: $50 per user each month includes SMS bots and campaigns, post-call surveys, and integrations with support desks and CRMs.
  • Enterprise requires you contacting the support for price and have at least 100 users to qualify for premium customer service and bundled calling and SMS pricing.

JustCall’s business phone plans provide a good deal of important company phone capabilities, but the costs can build up rapidly and basic calls might not be all that reliable.

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If you are looking for Google voice alternatives for personal use or business use, this is the article you need as we have explained in details how each product works as well as their pricing system. Some offer free service like Google voice but you can do so much more when you upgrade to the premium version since most of the free version comes with limitations.

Feel free to check out each too on the list and select the one that beat suit your needs, you should also remember to share this article to your friends who might find it helpful.

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