Best Graphic Design apps like Canva | Top alternatives

Best Canva alternatives for Graphic design and Editing

If you want to create a stunning professional graphic design without having a rooted knowledge in graphic design, Canva is an awesome option for you. Canva comes to the rescue if you are not familiar with the likes of Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw and yet you wish to create a good graphic work.

apps like Canva

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Canva and its alternatives offer you tons of templates to help you create your design within a short time without having to create them from scratch. You don’t need to be a guru in graphics to be able to use them and it is super fast to create any graphic project or editing you may want to carry out. This is the more reason many have opted for Canva. Unlike other advanced graphic software that are only available on Windows and Mac, Canva and its alternative can be used across devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows etc.

If you are interested in DIY graphic design and editing with templates to suit your particular use, Canva and similar apps and sites can come in handy.

If you have been using Canva before and you wonder if there are any Canva alternatives out there that can perform just like Canva or you simply do not like to use Canva and you wish to try out other Alternative, this article is exactly what you need. We will be giving you a list of apps like Canva to get your graphics done easily and quickly.

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Note that, there are many apps or sites that claims they are like Canva but you will be surprised that many of them do not match to Canva in usability and functionality. However, today we will walk you through the best Canva alternatives you can use today that have similar functionality and features.


Best similar apps like Canva for graphic design


1. Picmaker

Create amazing designs in a matter of minutes with no professional skills required with this Canva alternative. Picmaker is an artificial intelligence-powered visual design platform that enables you to create eye-catching designs in more than 70 categories. It includes a plethora of pre-designed templates, over 100 million stock photos, over 100,000 icons, a unique brand kit, along with many other amazing features.

It enables anyone, including those who are not designers, to generate social media models, logos, memes, flyers, posters, cards, and certificates in seconds.  Additionally, its artificial intelligence-powered MAD button allows you to select from a vast range of layouts, colours, fonts, and images.


2. Tyle

Canva is excellent for making social media images, but it is lacking in tools for creating social media clips. Due to time constraints and resources, many marketers miss out over the engagement that video provides. That is when Tyle comes in.

Tyle’s intelligent video and image editor enables you to generate high-quality content and everyday social posts in record time. All you have to do is select a template and load it with media and text. From there, it’s simple to alter each layer quickly and efficiently to personalize your film to your preferences. The best thing is that you don’t have to record your own video or capture your own images to create a socially shareable video.

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3. Crello

Thousands of pre-designed templates and simple editing capabilities simplify the creative process. What distinguishes Crello from the other Canva alternatives on our list is its Animation Maker package, which provides users with animation templates and elements to use in order to create more engaging photos and films.

Animated designs include vertical and rectangular video formats, as well as Facebook or Instagram stories and Facebook cover clips, all of which will aid in identifying your company online. Crello also includes a sizable template and image library, which includes illustrations and offers a variety of possibilities for different internet content formats and applications. Crello is free to use, however major tools such as Animation Maker are reserved for Pro subscribers.


4. Pixelied

Pixelied is similar to Canva, although it includes thousands of pre-made themes and icons, tons of stock pictures, and a suite of photo editing features such as one-click background removal.

Two of Pixelied’s numerous features set it different from other Canva alternative graphic tools on the market and inspire the creativity in you.  To begin, you get to use its mockup editor to build impressive product mockups for any brand. Additionally, its workspace functionality enables you to simply transition between workspaces, one with its own distinct set of assets, designs, and members of the team.

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5. Pixlr

Unlike other apps like Canva, Pixlr specializes in photo editing. Pixlr makes photo editing easier, faster, and smarter than ever before which also makes it one of the viable alternatives to Adobe Photoshop.

Have you ever attempted to eliminate undesired items or persons from a photograph or to blur out an unsightly background with pinpoint accuracy? For those of us without flawless vision and calm graphics surgical hands, there is the AI Cut-out button, which removes backgrounds with a single click. Additionally, you can add highlights or textures to your photographs, such as light streaks, dust particles, and glitter.


6. Simplified

Simplified enables fast customization of your templates using a resource library that includes millions of pictures, thousands of typography, and a range of design components.

Additionally, Simplified provides access to a magical AI capable of removing backgrounds, creating animations, and resizing images with a single click. You’ll never again need to use several features.  Additionally, you may leverage in-app publishing and planning, which enables you to generate and distribute all of your marketing content on a single platform.


7. Snappa

Snappa is another do-it-yourself graphic design tool that includes a large library of templates, royalty-free photos, and the opportunity to upload your own unique images for inclusion in your designs. Snappa distinguishes itself from other Canva alternatives by allowing you to import your own custom fonts and sharing your designs immediately to social media within Snappa’s interface.


8. RelayThat

This is an excellent alternative for developing your own customized visuals for landing sites, social media, and advertisements if you don’t have much time to spend on a freelancing designer.

Users simply submit their brand assets and RelayThat recommends appropriate design dimensions and formats for multiple platforms. If you’ve used Canva and wish for more template possibilities or tested design recommendations, RelayThat is an excellent solution.

The more photos and colors you add to RelayThat’s library of available templates, the more personalized image templates it will recommend. If you’ve attempted amassing branded content, you may upload it to RelayThat; if not, it offers hundreds of royalty-free photos. Additionally, it features picture SEO functionality to aid in the ranking of your photographs in organic search.

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9. Piktochart

With their collection of data visualization templates, Piktochart specializes in assisting you in creating your own charts, illustrations, and infographics.

Piktochart’s primary focus is on simple visualizations, but it also includes templates for making custom social media photos and presentations. Piktochart does not include all of Canva’s features, but it does provide additional data visualization templates and possibilities if that is the type of visual material you wish to generate.

Piktochart’s free plan has a limited number of templates, so if you want to create a lot of infographics and charts with this tool, it’s worth upgrading to the subscription version.


10. Stencil

Stencil is a lightweight alternative to Canva that enables you to quickly generate graphics for your website or social media networks. It includes a variety of browser extensions that enable you to effortlessly outline text or capture an image for use into your design projects, and it has over 100,000 different quotes for use in social media graphics. Stencil has less templates than the other alternatives on this list, so if you’re looking for a template filed Canva substitute, Stencil might not have as many options.



Above are the top best apps like Canva of all time that you can use today on your Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and much more. Start creating and editing your graphic or art work today with eae with any of them as they are the best similar apps like Canva you can find online today.

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