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Best Zillow alternatives for Real Estate or home buy and sell

Would you want to explore other real estate websites apart from Zillow? If you are that person who is interested in buying or selling house then you will find this article helpful. We conducted research, including popularity analysis, and compiled this comprehensive list of Zillow alternatives. I was hoping you will find this article useful especially if you are the type that is interested in real estate.

Zillow alternatives

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You should know that Zillow is not the only real estate website available. Numerous alternatives to Zillow are available, each with a unique set of features. who knows , there may be something you desire that it does not provide. That is the purpose of this post. You may need to explore other sites like Zillow  for your real estate needs. Below our list of Zillow-like websites as well as the pro and cons of each of them.


Best Zillow alternatives for buying and selling house properties


1. Trulia

Trulia is extremely similar to Zillow. Indeed, Zillow owned Trulia, but the two websites remain distinct, we don’t know why it is like that but both sites are great. Both sites utilize the same database, which ensures that the listings are identical and accurate.  In general, now that both sites are operated by the same corporation,
One feature I prefer about Trulia above Zillow is the Trulia blog, which includes a section on famous residences. It’s frequently updated, and the layout is fantastic


2. Clever

Clever is more than a website for real estate listings. By offering agency services to sellers and buyers, it is profoundly changing the real estate agent model. With the introduction of internet real estate portals, an increasing number of houses are being discovered and sold online rather than through the slow result of local real estate agents.
Home Bay made it in the list because it is a prominent alternative to Zillow and it has also been used by many and positive reviews and testimonies have been dropped.
The primary benefit for buyers and sellers is that they both save up to 50% on traditional agent commissions. This enables both buyers and sellers save money and time which is incredible.
Nonetheless, sellers reap nearly all of the benefits of employing an agent. Clever takes photographs, publishes the property on all major real estate websites, places a “For Sale” sign in the yard, handles all paperwork and all other vital things involved.

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3. Redfin

Redfin’s layout is quite similar to that of Zillow, which makes it easier for those accustomed to Zillow’s layout to switch to Redfin.
The search is conducted using a map and then displays information such as the year built, property worth, land area, and a rating system. It’s simple to conduct a side-by-side assessment of the homes you’re considering.
Redfin employs actual real estate agents. Redfin buyers receive a portion of their commission. Due to the fact that the agents are full-time employees and not freelancers, they provide exceptional customer service. They are compensated based on the Redfin user ratings.
Redfin’s data is derived directly from the Multiple Listing Service and is updated often. However, you should also know  Redfin will not divulge the precise address of the property unless the homeowner requests it and will not display anything that the listing agent requests not be displayed.

If you are partnered with an unsuitable agent, it can be extremely difficult to get them to react to your concerns, meet you at your scheduled locations on time, and they might not even attend to you with seriousness.  They do not provide full-service representation.

4. Realtor is owned by Move, Inc., which also operates a number of other real estate and home-related websites, including,,, Doorsteps, and lot more others. This site, which is maintained by the National Association of Realtors, contains extremely up-to-date information. It’s an excellent spot to start your search because it’s linked to the MLS and will display all of the newly listed homes.
You can utilize to conduct searches on other websites, such as Homesnap, Redfin, and Neighborhood Scout, and then contact an agent directly. They maintain regularly updated blogs that contain a wealth of information about the real estate market, how to make your home more desirable to buyers, and the general selling and buying procedure. It is a multilingual portal that provides information in more than ten languages so that those that do not speak English can still communicate with the website.
It simplifies the process of locating agents in your region and then connecting with them when you have queries or concerns  and getting extra assistance. The search tool is also not up to standard when compared with other real estate sites
It is not as intuitive or as simple to use, which is annoying for many people who may be unfamiliar with the Internet. While it does include links to other websites that can assist with upgrading, and even improving your outside environment. However, information regarding the property in which you are interested may not be particularly clear.

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5. Neighborhood Scout

It’s really simple to conduct a property search by address or city.  They provide a wealth of information that other sites like as Trulia or Zillow do not. Many of the information they provide is beneficial to investors, as it enables them to make informed decisions regarding the risks associated with purchasing property in specific places.  It is available to the entire United States. It’s simple to obtain information on an area’s typical rent, housing market statistics, and the percentage of rented vs. owned properties.

It provides a wealth of information on a community’s crime statistics in order to assist users in drawing conclusions about the safety of the place to which they choose to relocate. You can access part of their material for free, but to get all of it, you must create an account. The cost per report is $29.99, $79.99 per month, or $191.88 per year. However, it’s challenging to determine how to contact a real person from the website admin.
They do not include dates with all of their stats, leaving some customers wondering how current the data is.


6. Homesnap

Homesnap is also a prominent site like Zillow, This site’s interface is one of the easiest to use, making it straightforward to search for property in a particular location. Their mobile application is completely integrated and simple to use. When you take a simple picture of a home, it provides real-time information on the property. It’s available for Android and iOS and has received rave reviews for being both simple to use and powerful.  Even if the property is not listed, the app will retrieve information about it and provide the property’s valuation.

They can connect you with a reliable agent whether you’re in the market to buy or sell a home. Through the app, you can establish a personalized feed and desired notifications to ensure that you never miss updates about properties that interest you. The software makes it incredibly simple to share homes of interest with other users. This streamlines the process of finding a new home. However because it obtains data from public records, it is not necessarily accurate or up to date.
Another thing is once you’ve subscribed to emails, it might be really tough to unsubscribe or stop them from sending you mails, which is extremely inconvenient.

7.  Real Estate ABC

They have a large database, which makes it quite easy to locate your property or the home you’re looking for. Each home they list includes up to 30 comparables, which will assist you in determining the appropriate listing price for your home or determining whether the home you are contemplating is overvalued. This service does an excellent job of assisting you in determining an appropriate listing price for your home so that you can begin selling immediately.

They provide a wealth of informational articles aimed at assisting people who are considering buying or sell a house. With separate real estate and mortgage calculators, it’s simple to determine whether you can afford the property of your dreams, determine the cost of living in a particular area, and determine the speed with which you can pay off your mortgage.
However, the website is not particularly user-friendly, and it may take some time to figure out how to utilize it effectively.  This website’s wealth of information might be confusing, particularly for visitors who are just beginning their search for a new home. Too many ads can also come in your way as the site display ads that can be sometimes annoying.

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8. Eppraisal

This yet another real estate site like Zillow as it is exceptionally user-friendly and displays both local mortgage rates and the valuation of the home you’ve searched for. It’s simple to discover how much other homes in the neighborhood have sold for in comparing them to the property you’re considering or to see what people are ready to pay for your home if you’re considering selling. However, it does not incorporate specific information well about home into account when determining a value, which means that it may be far off the true worth.  It is not connected to the Multiple Listing Service. It’s an excellent way to learn about homes in the area, but you’ll need to work with a knowledgeable agent for specific price and up-to-date information.


9. OfferMarket

OfferMarket is a real estate marketplace of the future. This free listing website includes listings for For Sale By Owner, wholesale, and agent. If you’re looking to sell your house quickly and with the highest possible net proceeds, you may utilize the Get Offers function to obtain competing offers from eligible purchasers in the OfferMarket network. OfferMarket handles all documentation, title preparation, and closing coordination in exchange for a nominal fixed service charge paid at closing by the buyer

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10. For Sale By Owner

It’s completely free to register in order to access their pricing analyzer. It’s simple to locate real estate listings in your neighborhood, even auctions.
They determine the worth of your house by comparing it to recently sold properties similar in the region. It’s simple to research the pricing of various properties in the region and then put your own for sale, which is the website’s primary purpose. It simplifies the process of calculating your mortgage by providing an on-screen mortgage calculator.

It simplifies the process of calculating your mortgage by providing an on-screen mortgage calculator. It was created to assist homeowners in selling their homes without the assistance of a realtor and thus does not contain as much data about nearby listings as other sites do.
It lacks the local information that many other real estate websites provide. They arrive at market values for local properties using a computer program, not a human, which means they do not take into account all of the home’s qualities. You must still secure an assessment if you intend to purchase a home featured on this site. The information you will receive about the property has been provided by the sellers, therefore it is crucial that you know that information provided might be altered or biased, as they may not be entirely accurate in their descriptions of their homes.


From the available list of similar sites like Zillow for real estates, you will discover that they are all great. Although, some may have some downside but I believe you can cope with them. Feel free to select from the list so you can start buying and selling houses today. Zillow is a great platform to buy and sell your houses but above are some alternatives which you can also opt for.

Let us know in the comment box if there is anything you would like to communicate to us. Remember to also share this article to your friends who might also learn a thing or two from it.

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