How to recover Facebook account from hackers

Recover hijacked Facebook account from hacker

Have you ever been a victim of Facebook hack and lost access to your own Facebook or page? Well, when the chance of getting it back from the hacker depends on how quickly you act, you don’t have to sit and start crying or regretting the operation.


The Facebook hack has now become a trend as most fraudsters use their victim account to dupe their victim’s friends and in which the victim is in danger most of the time. If you do not act immediately, if actions are not taken that will influence you, your family or even your associates, your identity can be used for different criminal acts.

When you do not act immediately, if actions are not taken that will involve you, your family or even your associates, your identity can be used for different terrible crimes

It can be irritating to see that you can no longer log in to your Facebook account and indeed the number of compromised accounts is growing day by day, but recklessness, theft of your phone or Facebook firewall can be the cause. While some security tests have been carried out by Facebook developers to keep you safe from these criminals, it depends on just how you help Facebook secure your account.

So we’ll walk you through on how to ensure your account is safe from hackers in today’s post and the important steps you need to take to retrieve your Fb account from hackers.

How to protect your hacked Facebook account

I worked on three hacked accounts from a little research I did, and I was able to recover only one and the success of the hacked account recovery was based on the following

1. Link your email address with your account

  • You need to connect your FB account to your personal e-mail account to repel hacker’s attacks on your Facebook account, and secure an e-mail password that only you really have to remember.
  • Login to Facebook from a browser to connect your Facebook account to your email.
  • Type your login information and scroll down to the setup and privacy at the base of the interface, then just press it.
  • Click the Personal Information Setting button on the next screen to edit your data.
  • To be able to apply any changes made, enter your password effortlessly and press the continue button becasue you will be asked to provide your password.

You will see your information on the next page and you will see that the E-mail section is blank, just add your e-mail address. Just save those settings and your email will receive a confirmation message.

To access the confirmation email, login to your email on a new tab. Check your inbox for a message from Facebook, click on the message, and grab the code.

When the confirmation code is needed, paste the code from the email into Facebook.

This will warn you of login attempts as a hacker attempts to access your FB account in future.

Furthermore, if your account has been compromised by accident, you can easily log into your Facebook and reset your password and create another password.

2. Add your personal phone number

You can also add your phone number in addition to your email as this will also assist when your email is compromised with Facebook as we have seen cases at which Facebook account and the email are both hacked. You may want to consider adding your phone number to improve your chance of retrieving your account from the hacker.

Use the same method as the one for the email to add your phone number to where you edit the blank email, but you will also have to enter your phone number there.

If your account gets compromised, you can also be saved by your phone number.

3. Stop signing up on Facebook profile websites

When you carelessly sign up on websites, there are plenty of compromised accounts risk attached. So other ways of signing up is advised, particularly on sites you don’t trust, this will save you from bad situations.

Fraudsters and hackers will conveniently use them to hack you when you sign up for your Facebook profile, your private details will be saved on that website’s database. In specific, earning applications that pay you to do certain stuff. Around 45% of compromised accounts have been hacked in this way.

4. Keep the Password safe

Use a code that can be impossible to know, such as Tom88qQe@!, to be discreet. It can be hard for someone who peeps at you when typing it to guess or even understand at a glance.

However, you will need to use a password that you will still recall.

Avoid using a password that your mates can guess, such as your name or birth date. I’ve seen cases where people use a password which include their name and date of birth and if you have clever people who try to hack you, you’re gone.

If all this is unknown to you, and you have already fallen victim and you have landed on this page to recover your identity, then follow the below to withdraw your account from bad people.

How to Restore Hacked Facebook Account

After being hacked, below is a quick and easy solution that will help you flush out those hackers, it helped so many, so it will work for you if you have implemented any of the security measures we mentioned above or if you are fast enough. If you really want to restore your Facebook account

If it doesn’t work for you, just leave your comment below in the comment section to see if there’s a way we can support you further. But first, try the steps below.

  • Open the browse goto
  • Click Forgotten Password
  • Please enter your phone number or pick the email address you have connected to your account. Click and browse.
  • When your account is discovered, chances are either your name is changed or not you can change the name of the account later.
  • From the default, select how you wish to restore the password.
  • Get the code on your phone number or email
  • Provide it and the hacker is out and you are back to your account.

Now that you’ve recovered your profile, remember to use a strong password and other tips that we listed in this article to keep it safe.

That is indeed how we have it, hope you’ve been helped with these hints, kindly let us know through using the Reply box and tell your friends as well.

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