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Best OfferUp alternatives for buying and selling of used goods

OfferUp has been a very useful site when it comes to buying and selling of used items. You may have some goods lying around in your home which you hardly use and such items might actually be useful for someone, you can actually make some money by selling these items. Also, you might be looking for used items which are still in good condition probably because such items are scarce or the new is expensive as you might actually same some money by buying these used products.

OfferUp alternatives

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OfferUp offers such service by linking both the buyers and sellers together. However, you may seems to search some items you cannot find on OfferUp or you simply want to try out other alternative apps. You should know, there are plenty of apps like OfferUp you can choose from that offer the same service as OfferUp.
So today we will be giving you a list of the top best buy and sell apps like OfferUp where you can get used product that are under good condition. Most of these OfferUp alternatives share similar features and you can actually choose from any of them. You came make your choice from the below and then proceed to your OS app store to download them.


Best similar apps like OfferUp  for buying and selling


1. LetGo

LetGo is without a doubt one of the most prominent buy and sell apps available right now . However, the company was recently acquired by Offerup itself. Both company have been merged. One of the best features of LetGo is that it can automatically fill up your advertising, which enables you to post them rapidly. This is advantageous if you have a large number of products to sell but limited time to setup your adverts. When looking for items to purchase, you may utilize the location filter to guarantee that all shown items are within a reasonable driving distance within your region.


2. GumTree

It’s another popular selling and purchasing app similar to offerup in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. Their app is available for free download on the iOS and Google Play stores. It’s also simple to access on the web using your browser if you’re surfing on a computer.

GumTree has a variety of categories. Due to the fact that it distributes internationally, some of the products you may come across include job advertisements, pets, automobiles, household items, and other used items for sale. Gumtree does not cover shipping costs, which means that buyers and sellers must negotiate on their own. It’s completely free to create your advertising. There is no charge for listening to your Gumtree products for sale.

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3. Close5

Close5 is yet another one of the perfect similar apps like OfferUp. Close5 makes it simple and efficient to locate nearby goods. This software allows you to search for all products listed for sale within a specified number of miles of your selected location. It’s as simple as entering your desired area, looking for the desired things, and then sorting through the local advertisements that appear on your screen. You can also leave the item section blank to view all types of things sold in your area. They have an active mobile app, you can get it from your respective app store.

4. eBay Classifieds

You’ve probably purchased something from eBay in the past, but were you aware of their classifieds section? Because eBay has a large user and popularity, you may predict finding a lot of goods on eBay Classifieds. The program filters the items that appear on your display depending on your specific location, however you can override this setting if desiredContact the seller from within the app to discuss about the item.


5. Recycler

Recycler has numerous comparisons to OfferUp and Craigslist. The majority of customers buy and sell automobiles and rental units, but you can also find common items for sale. One of Recycler’s standout features is the option to contact directly with the seller via the app. There is no need to return to the website and conduct a new search in order to contact the seller.


6. Yerdle

If you’re looking to get rid of unused goods for free, Yerdle should be an intriguing platform for you. This is not your typical reselling marketplace where you place advertising and earn money when you sell items. Rather than that, Yerdle allows you to post advertising for free, and when someone purchases your things, you earn Yerdle credits that can be used to purchase other items offered on the app. Essentially, you’re exchanging unwanted things for new ones, with the only expense being the shipping fee.


7. Oodle

Oodle is an excellent OfferUp alternative since it allows you to post advertisements for the products you want to sell as well as search for advertising from other sellers in your target location. On Oodle, you’ll find a wide variety of items for sale. Numerous people also sell their dogs, cats and other household anomals, so if you’re in the market for a pet, this app is definitely worth trying out.

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8. Listia

Listia is more similar to Yerdle than it is to OfferUp. It’s a site that enables you to exchange your unwanted products for more useful ones. You must cover shipping expenses, but this is typically a modest price to pay for obtaining the items you desire and eliminating junks in your home. It’s not always easy to accumulate credits, which is why Listia allows you to purchase credits to get started. This requires spending money, but when you look at the things in the store, you’ll notice that the majority of them are reasonably priced.


9. SocialSell

If you enjoy using Facebook Marketplace but dislike the social chatter associated with such services, try SocialSell.  It’s a great area to post free advertising for buying and selling stuff, as well as engage in some social networking. To get things done faster, you can post comments, follow your favorite merchants, and send private messages. This might become a lucrative revenue source if you manage to create a good profile and followers.

10. Mercari

Mercari describes itself as “the app for selling.” As with the other applications on this list that enable you to purchase and sell items locally, Mercari simplifies the process by providing you with options for advertising, shipping, and money withdrawal. You may select from a variety of shipping alternatives, and the app regularly provides amazing deals, allowing you to get the most for your money.

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11. TradeMade

TradeMade takes a new approach to purchasing and selling. Indeed, you will not be purchasing anything in this app. TradeMade is a trade by barter app where you may advertise your goods or services in exchange for goods or services that you propose. For instance, you could film a promotional video for your tutoring business in exchange for two cinema tickets. Each successful exchange awards you a carbon badge. Not only can you save some cash with TradeMade, but you can also benefit others at the same time.



From the above list of similar sites like OfferUp for used goods, you will discover that they are all great. Feel free to select from the list so you can start buying and selling fairly used goods. OfferUp is a great platform to buy and sell used goods but above are some alternatives which you can also opt for.

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