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Best Airbnb alternatives for home rentals

Most people would love to go on a vacation but they are not sure of where to go. Airbnb and its alternatives offer you home rentals across the world irrespective of the country. If you are planning to visit a particular area for a meeting, holiday, or business trip and would love a place to stay, Airbnb helps you identify the best house or home in that particular area.

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Many have complained that rental services on Airbnb are expensive and have wondered they could get cheaper accommodations from another source. However, you may be wondering if there are other alternatives to Airbnb that offer cheaper rental services, there are lots of them that perform in a similar way just like Airbnb.

So you should know we have Airbnb alternatives if you want reservations in USA, UK, South Africa, and lots of countries all over the world with many popular cities including, NYC, London, Berlin, Lagos, Nairobi, Istanbul, Mumbai, Dubai and any city you can ever think of.

So today we will be going through a list of similar sites like Airbnb where you can explore places for your next accommodation.

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Best similar websites like Airbnb for home rentals

Airbnb has so many alternatives when it comes to lodging. Here are some of our favorite sites similar to Airbnb to get you going, the list includes a few surprises you might not have anticipated. Some of these websites, like Airbnb, also have their own mobile apps, so if you wish to rent an apartment via an app, that is also an option.

1. Vrbo

Vrbo also known as Vacation Rentals by Owner, is first on my selection of Airbnb alternatives. While not as popular as Airbnb, the admin manages over a million properties and has been in business since 1996, more than a decade longer than Airbnb.

Vrbo’s business model is slightly different, as it focuses exclusively on vacation rentals. This is best suited to families or groups of four or even more looking for a somewhat longer stay although there are undoubtedly numerous houses that are suitable for lovers. Initially, Vrbo does not charge users for booking but things have changed now as they now charge a token from users.

Apart from that, the products are quite identical. While Airbnb provides a little more sophisticated user experience, it is significantly more used by many people. If you’re unable to find what you’re searching for on Airbnb, you should definitely check out Vrbo

If you’re a property owner, Vrbo offers two pricing models: an annual charge or a free listing with a pre-booking cost. Register as an owner on Vrbo USA or Vrbo UK as they will help link you with people in need of them.



Imagine if people stayed in hotels and someone made their beds and cleaned their rooms? While we adore apartments, there are times when you simply want to stay in a hotel. And, in general, we’ve discovered that the greatest location to find a fantastic price on any hotel in any country is

However, you may be unaware that also lists residences and flats. Therefore, if you are an existing user of the service and wish to continue using it for apartment bookings, you may do so.

They are typically our first pick for hotel reservations when we travel because they offer an excellent selection, an extremely simple website, and consistently the best price. Definitely worth a go if you’re looking for an apartment as well. Listing on is free for property owners but with a per-booking fee once bookings are made.


3. Homestay

Homestay is in my opinion, what AirBnB should have been. It is a really hosted experience, which means that you will always stay in the house of a host. This ensures a genuine, authentic local experience, complete with the sensation of living beside a native. We’ve utilized Homestay in a variety of destinations throughout the world, including cities like Paris, Atlanta, and Berlin, and have always had an amazing time.

It’s worth noting that Homestay does have several drawbacks, the most significant of which is availability. While they have listings in over 150 countries, they lack the diversity in options unlike Airbnb.

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For instance, when we attempted to book lodging in New Orleans during a recent visit, we discovered hundreds of options on Airbnb but fewer than ten on Homestay.

Naturally, the number of available properties is constantly increasing, and there are many on Homestay that you will not find anywhere else. Therefore, if you’re looking for a genuine hosted experience, this is the place to begin. Additionally, all Homestay listings include a complimentary breakfast, which is a huge plus.

It’s free to list your property on Homestay if you’re a property owner. Bear in mind that as a hosted experience, Homestay is by definition more attractive. If this sounds appealing, you can apply to become a Homestay host here.


4. The Plum Guide

If you enjoy the concept of Airbnb but are concerned about the possibility of a lack of quality due to the abundance of options, you should browse through the Plum Guide.

The Plum Guide accepts less than 5% of properties that apply to be featured on their website, and each one is carefully vetted against more than 150 criteria. Everything is evaluated, from the bathroom temperature to the bedding quality. As a result, you may be certain of the exceptional quality of each home.

Obviously, this results in less options to choose from, but the good news is that customers still have a wide variety of residences to pick from in a variety of destinations worldwide and at a range of price points.

If you are an owner of the property, applying to list your home on The Plum Guide is completely free; however, you must first pass a thorough verification process. Once authorized, you will be charged a one-time membership fee on your first booking to cover the expense of the vetting process, and then a minor percentage on reservations. tIf you believe your property qualifies, you may sign up and register your property today.

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5. Agoda Homes

While Agoda is well recognized for hotel reservations, they also provide an apartment leasing service called Agoda Homes. This website features flats, holiday rentals, private villas, and resorts, with about a million places available. As a result, you will have a plethora of choices. If you already own a home, you may also list it on Agoda for free, which will include it in the Agoda search query. Register today as a property owner.


6. Sonderfall

Sonder is distinct from AirBnB in that it leases or owns all of the properties it lists and manages them directly.

This gives them entire authority over the quality of each unit and the ability to ensure that each property they advertise fulfils their criteria. Additionally, they promise certain facilities and services, including WiFi, bathrobes and beds, premium coffee, and contactless consult.

Sonder also offers both short- and long-term rentals, making them an excellent alternative to Airbnb if you’re searching for a longer-term apartment rental. Sonder has homes in 27 cities worldwide, with over 8,500 selections. They range in price from affordable to luxurious and essentially combine the ease and cleanliness of a nice hotel stay with the convenience of a house rental.

Sonder accepts submissions from property owners who desire a hands-off policy to renting their home. They will lease your apartment for you, which relieves you of any responsibility for bookings, cleaning, or anything else. It’s a viable alternative if all you desire is steady revenue.


7. Vacation Rentals on TripAdvisor

When it comes to travel reviews, TripAdvisor is almost certainly the first website that springs to mind. However, TripAdvisor provides much more than reviews. TripAdvisor Rentals currently lists over 800,000 properties in 200 countries, so you’ll have lots of alternatives. Additionally, there are numerous reviews to peruse! For homeowners: You can register on the site if you own a property and wish to offer it on TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals.


8. House Sitting

While paying to stay anywhere is fine, what if you can somehow travel the world for free? Seems unbelievable? That is not the case, according to the principle of house sitting.

This works because homeowners often wish to leave their homes and travel. These can last for several days to weeks or months. Rather than leaving their homes vacant, they rent them out to individuals for free in exchange for caring about the property, tending to the gardens, and generally keeping everything in order. In many situations, they will also have dogs that require care boarding a pet for an extended period of time may be costly, so house sitting is a huge deal for both parties.


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9. Marriott International

Marriott is a well-known multinational hotel brand with locations located throughout the world. Additionally, the company manage its own vacation rental network, Marriott International Homes and Villas, which offers private residences for rental in over 45 countries.

All of the properties on the site are maintained by a reputable property management firm. Each residence includes complimentary high-speed WiFi, expert cleaning, 24-hour support for any difficulties, and luxury linens and comforts. Additionally, if you are a Marriott Bonvoy member, you can receive and redeem Marriott points when you stay at one of their vacation rental properties.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a holiday rental that allows you to earn bonus points, this is an excellent choice!

To be included on the Homes and Villas portal, property owners must sign up with one of the housing management organizations with whom Marriott partners. You can consult Marriott to determine which firm is most appropriate for your area.


10. RV Sharing Sites

This may not perfectly fit into this list, but have you considered renting a campervan or RV instead of a home? This will allow you to stay in a variety of locales, cook for yourself, and generally take a more dynamic approach to your vacation.

If this sounds appealing, we propose that you contact a firm such as RVShare. This is a rental agency that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. This implies you are renting from individuals that own an RV and rent it out while not in use. In a nutshell, they’re the Airbnb of Mobile home renting!

For RV owners: If you already have an RV that you will be not using and would like to earn some money from, you can offer it online on RVShare, PaulCamper, RVEzy, and Outdoorsy.


Above are the top alternatives to Airbnb you can find out there, they behave similar to Airbnb and Vrbo. Start your home rentals today with ease. let us know via the comment section if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks for reading.


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