Best Freelance Sites like Upwork | Top alternatives

Best Upwork alternatives for freelance work

Freelancing is one of the trending online jobs today that you can do from home without having a big building or expensive office. As a freelancer who have been working on platforms or sites like Fiverr and Upwork, you will understand how hard it is to get work.

However, there are other alternatives to Upwork out there you can join to get you more freelance job offers and where you can get any job done if you are looking for talents to help you on your job at a cheaper rate.

Sites like Upwork

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Finding the best sites like Upwork can be a challenging task. When it comes to finding the right talent for your business, you need a platform that offers quality, reliability, and convenience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top best sites like Upwork, so you can find the perfect freelancer for your needs.

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Best similar apps like Upwork for Freelance jobs


1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular alternative to Upwork where people are hired to complete freelance jobs quickly! You can use gigs for any kind of service. For example, writing a blog post. You can use it for anything. Blog writing, video editing, graphics design, or anything else. While it may cost less to book each gig via the website, it’s certainly possible to charge an additional fee for additional gigs.

The more positive reviews you receive, the more Fiverr will promote you, and if you can charge more, then you may get better reviews with more engagements. Fiverr is a popular freelance service where you can get so many things done like; art designs, videos, animations or website building, translation and many more.

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2. 99Designs

This is another alternative to Upwork specifically for graphics works. If you are a graphic designer looking for fun and good-paying freelancing gigs, then 99 Designs offers the perfect place to start out. From logos, websites, and book covers there are so many great design projects. Employers have several options of how to find and hire the top design talent.

Engaging directly with clients or winning design contests are two ways to earn money here. The site’s goal is to help freelancers by increasing their visibility and fostering a vibrant online community. Long-term relationships between customers and freelancers are also a priority.


3. Guru

You can create an account for free here just similar to Upwork for hiring freelancers. On Guru, you can do a lot of cool things if you need help from any area, suitable freelancers are available to get your job done just like on Fiverr. You create a profile and jobs get posted. If a client accepts a price quote, you create what is called an agreement in the system and then you create what is called a fund proposal through the site. doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings it’s free to work with them, yet there are lots of paid-for membership plans to suit different budgets. These paid plans also provide more job bids as well as reduced fees. In the most affordable plan, Guru only takes about 5.9% of your earnings.


4. Truelancer

Truelancer is a prominent substitute to Upwork that offers the best tools that are needed to successfully complete a project. It provides a proposal, payment and dispute options. Many job rates are on the low side, but unlike Upwork, it also offers the ability to request a deposit upfront.

Some employers who create job posts choose to create contests rather than simply post and choose the best entries. Most employers will not pay in advance but instead will offer the money of the project once a job is done. This service fee varies from 8% to 10%, depending on their membership plan (free to $48 per month.) Truelancer is free for employers, but freelancers will have to pay the service fee to the platform.

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5. Bark

Bark is a business matching service that connects potential customers seeking specific services with qualified professionals who will service or repair those services. While some categories can be delivered from the web, others necessitate physical travel to a job site. For the latter services, such as pet grooming or home appliance repair, professionals can offer themselves as Barkers. When users need service, they fill a short profile with details including their service area. Bark then shows local professionals seeking specific services and provides a lead with specific descriptions, rates and contact information.

Similar to Upwork Connect, Bark makes money when the client hires a freelancer from within the network. The freelancer’s ability to work, and the amount of time they work, determine the credit price. After being introduced to a job lead, you’ll pay it in the form of your own Bark credits. You can earn a commission on the job if you are successful. However, if you are still in the process of the job and someone else beats you to the punch, Bark won’t charge a fee. All you pay is the initial credit price. You’ll get access to all of the leads you submit and can keep your earnings.


6. Toptal

For businesses that need highly-skilled workers, Toptal is the best option. Software developers, product managers, and project managers can apply for jobs at the platform. Toptal concentrates on a five-step screening process that only accepts the top 3% of freelancer applicants.
As a result, Toptal charges its clients a high price for access to reputable experts. Toptal does not disclose its profit margins, which would suggest that freelancers can expect a raise as a result of this.

Another benefit is that Toptal is doing the work of finding clients for freelancers. To save freelancers a lot of time and energy, this is an excellent option. In the event that you are well-versed in your field but do not wish to devote time and effort to finding clients, this might be an interesting alternative to consider.


7. LinkedIn

For many people, LinkedIn is a good site for professionals to network with others in their profession who may be of assistance or to keep others informed of their job search. LinkedIn has over 500 million unique users in over 200 countries. More than 106 million members are active, with a yearly income of more than $3 billion. It is also known by the name of Professional Network of the World (ProNets).

Freelancers also make use of this platform to get jobs. There is so much you can do with LinkdIn so far it is related to jobs.

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8. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a great website that can replace Upwork anytime that I can recommend. People who are looking for flexibility that will like to work from home will find this one helpful. FlexJobs is one of the few sites with a subscription that allows get things do quickly. Its monthly fee is $14.95 but there are also options for yearly or six-month memberships. I also like its offer of a no-risk money back guarantee if the member is no longer a member after one month. It was founded in 2007 and Sara Sutton is its current CEO.

There are a lot of skilled freelancers here, you can search for the specific work you want to get done and tons of talented freelance workers will pop up allowing you to pick depending on what you want.


9. Credo

Credo is a similar website to Upwork and it is a great platform that helps online businesses develop a stronger presence on the internet. Professionals are a key part of this team, offering marketing services, management of multiple websites, and many other options. If you enjoy working on websites and have expertise in this field, Credo could be a great place to start your freelance career. Nevertheless, because there are a limited number of people needed to work on a specific project, it is harder for freelancers to get Credo work.

The cost per month for freelancers is a hefty $100; however, many freelancers report that while the work may not be the cheapest the site has to offer, the service is of high quality and they have a great opportunity of gaining more projects by having a competitive supply and demand.

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10. Textbroker

You can sign up by submitting your personal information and a sample of your writing, which is then ranked from 2 to 5 stars. Depending on how many stars you have, you can earn anywhere from 0.7 cents to 5 cents per word. To incentivize consistent and skillful work, Textbroker also offers progress rewards.

Aside from Open Orders which is available to everybody, direct orders offered to you, and team orders, writers can also work on these types of orders (submit a sample to join a team). Pay is determined by your Star Rating, your speed of work, and whether or not you are eligible for a bonus.



Freelance work is now a business in high demand, if you are on Upwork and you wish to get more visibility to potential clients, trying the above sites like Upwork could do the trick. Feel free to check each of them out and as they are good replacements for locating talents and clients in the freelancing world.

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