Best Job search Sites like Indeed | Top alternatives

Best Indeed alternatives for Job search and hiring

Indeed is a great site for job seekers. It is a very useful app for both employers and employees as it connects both parties for a better job offering to and from the right targets. But it’s not the only one. In fact, there are a number of other sites like Indeed that can help you find your dream job or bring you your perfect employee.

Sites like Indeed

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So if you are searching for alternatives to Indeed to widen your chance to get a good job or you simply want to reach out to potential employees for hiring, you will find this article helpful. We’ve put together a list of the best sites like Indeed, so you can start your job search right away

However, you should know there are a lot of Job search engine sites like Indeed, but only few are worth your time. The below Indeed substitutes are the best you can find that will get you your dream job as an employee and potential talented workers if you are an employer.

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Best similar apps like Indeed for Job search and hiring


1. ZipRecruiter

Because of a few key features that make the job-hunting process more efficient, ZipRecruiter is our top pick for finding high-quality online jobs. ZipRecruiter utilizes a matching algorithms as well as AI techniques to enhance instant matches between you and the right organizations for what you’re looking for in terms of employment.

With information about your capabilities (such as education, abilities, and expertise), it connects you to thousands of businesses online via their website, smartphone apps, and email program. It is possible to receive updates when your resume is being viewed and emails from employers when a job that matches your profile is posted. Using ZipRecruiter’s salary search tool, you can see how much other employees in comparable positions in the same location and title are earning, based on their location.

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2. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a great site for professional network building. However, the site is more of a social media site intended to bring employers and employees together, but the site lacks many features of the Career Builder Job Search site. This site does include the “Add Job” functionality to create a profile with the Career Builder site, or add a job to your profile without using Career Builder.

In spite of the lack of additional features like career resource tools, LinkedIn Jobs doesn’t need them because they can be found on the LinkedIn website itself. Using this site is very easy even for first-time users, if you have a LinkedIn account and profile in place.


3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a good alternative to Indeed as it is a site that allows users to post their resumes, find job openings, and save their searches so they can get alerts when new jobs are available. This site provides resources including how to find who’s hiring, what positions are on the increase, and what positions you should consider. CareerBuilder is a good place to bookmark for both employers and job seekers.



USAJobs is a perfect substitute to Indeed and you will see the reason in a second. If you want to find a job, perhaps you should browse on the U.S. online employment site, Here you will find a wide array of government jobs for the position you want with salary ranges you can use to decide on your next move. Isn’t that interesting?

Of course, if you prefer to travel or explore other countries, you might want to consider looking beyond America’s borders for a better paying job especially if you have unique skills that employers will battle to have.

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5. College Recruiter

The College Recruiter is a good similar site like Indeed as it is a helpful site for helping students find entry-level jobs in fields they may not have thought about. Employers are not required to advertise their part-time and internship openings. Instead, the site helps students find these jobs and then help applying for them.

If you are in a college or you are simply a student who wish to take up a part-time job, this site is actually made for you, feel free to check it out.


6. Monster

Most people who use the internet to look for jobs search Monster because it is the largest international job search sites market available on the internet just like Indeed. Monster lets you post your resume, look for available jobs, apply for positions directly, use a advanced search option, and look for resources that will help in the process of searching for a job.


7. Glassdoor

If you’re looking for jobs similar to those available at Monster’s career resource center, such as posting interview questions and posting your resume online, go to Glassdoor. No matter what kind of a job search you’re doing on Glassdoor, it will be helpful. Create an account and you’ll be able to look up companies, search salaries, and save jobs to review later. Glassdoor help ease your job search, you can set up job alerts, follow specific companies, or upload your resume, to save your time. Do check out the website as it is a good Indeed alternative.

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8. Snagajob

If you’re looking for a part-time or hourly job, then Snagjob is a great site to visit. It will display the entire database of new positions, and you can even apply for them through the mobile app.

In addition, you’ll see opportunities that match with your skills and personality. You can further customize your job search with an online personality quiz and video to include in your profile. The app costs nothing, but you do have to pay for job listings from the site.


9. NetTemps

If there is trouble managing the process of searching for a job, then JobAware just might be the app you have been longing for as it is a good replacement for Indeed. JobAware aggregates job listings which are useful for your job search on Indeed. So, you can search jobs by keyword, location, and priority. There is more you can do with this site as regarding job search and hiring.

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10. Simply Hired

The little extras on Simply Hired make it a great place to find employment. In addition to searching for jobs by keyword and location, you can also upload your resume. However, there is more to be found on this particular job board.

View the highest-paying cities and companies, as well as the jobs that go along with them. After that, use the salary estimator to get a better idea of what jobs pay. In this section, you can search for jobs based on salary or enter a job title and location to get salary information. If you’re looking for a job and this would be useful, try using Simply Hired.



Job seeking can be a hard thing if you have to be checking each organization website manually for vacancies. But with Indeed and its alternatives, getting jobs becomes easier. Try out the above websites like Indeed to get more employment options for yourself. As an employer, using this sites can also help you reach good and talented workers that can actually take your company higher.

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