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Best free Grammarly alternatives for grammar and spelling check

Typo errors are common mistakes made by writers and editors but with Grammarly, your write up will definitely be a perfect one. Grammarly helps with spelling checks as well as grammar checks as it also gives you suggestions for better communication through your write up or articles.

Alternatives to Grammarly

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Grammarly helps with the correction of vocabulary and plagiarism issues. However, the full functionality of Grammarly is not available for all users, if you want to have access to the in-depth features of Grammarly, you may need to pay a token to upgrade to the premium version.

So many users have raised questions on whether there are free alternatives to Grammarly to help with spelling and grammar checks. So today, we will walk you through the free alternatives to Grammarly that offer the same writing aids. There are tons of sites and apps like Grammarly but few have similar functionality like Grammarly, so we will be providing you with only the best free alternatives that can substitute for Grammarly and help you in your next writing projects.

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Best similar apps like Grammarly for perfect write-ups


1. ProWritingAid

This is one of the best Grammarly options if the price is your key consideration. It enables you to check for errors in grammar, readability, and duplication. This feature-rich app is available in both a free and a paid subscription.
A ProWritingAid premium account costs between $79 (on annual basis) and $299 for lifetime use.
It provides a comprehensive report on all grammatical problems, conducts a readability analysis to determine the ease with which your text can be read and understood. Provides a thesaurus to aid in the creation of new words.
It is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices and can be integrated with Microsoft Word, Gmail, Office Suite, Google Docs, and Google Chrome, among others.


2. Linguix

Linguix’s AI-powered writing companion is a grammar checker tool to aid you in identifying and correcting real-time grammar problems. This is one of the most effective grammar and punctuation checking tools available, as it provides alerts and suggestions.
It enables you to copy / paste existing text and also suggests alternative words or phrases, as well as spelling fixes and the elimination of ineffective phrases and complex sentences and errors.

It provides in-the-moment spelling and grammatical repairs. Suggestions for forgetting punctuation errors, Corrects your errors and provides writing tips Linguix also  Provides a browser extension for browsers


3. Beewriter

Beewriter is a highly effective writing assistant that provides recommendations and edits to assist you in enhancing your writing. It suggests other ways to articulate your ideas and also assists you in correcting grammar errors.
It provides various ideas for every type of writing; it includes several grammar and writing comments that allow us to identify for potential problems; and it corrects odd grammar errors that other programs miss.
Beewriter provides a 14-day free trial period, accompanied by two paid plans; which are Basic [$5 per month] and Premium [$10 per month].
Desktop and mobile browsers, as well as a Chrome browser extension, are supported platforms.

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4. Virtual Writing tutor

It is yet another critical Grammarly checker. Bloggers, journalists, and other professionals rely heavily on the tool. The Virtual Writing AI makes use of spellcheckers, grammar checkers, sentence checkers, paraphrasing checkers, and vocabulary checkers. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives since it has a word count tool that displays the total set of words in a paper, article, or other piece of writing.


5. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a tool that provides high-quality proofreading. Not only does the application correct simple spelling mistakes, as older word processors did, but it also includes tools for choice of words style issues, significance errors, and punctuation errors.
It has been updated to optimize the layout and user experience.


6. Scribendi

This is another helpful grammar checker that offers a great online editing solution for all types of content. The technology is capable of processing up to 10,000 sentences every day.
It provides students with proofreading services, essay editing services, and grammar checks for document editing.

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7. Sapling

Sapling is one of the greatest Grammarly alternatives since it automatically cleans up your grammar with autocomplete recommendations. It enables you to craft precise messages and information. This AI essay assistant makes the best recommendations possible with the use of artificial intelligence technology.
Their basic plan is completely free, while their pro version costs $25 per month.
It enables you to compose more fluid messages, emails, and papers. Allows you to effortlessly repair write up errors, as well as utilize it as a grammar checker and sentence rephrase. This tool over time provides improved essay writing skills tips.


8. Slick Write

Slick Write indicates errors in your texts such as unnecessary phrases, passive voice, adjectives, and frequent starting and ending words, as well as repeated terms.
It is one of the Grammarly alternatives that include a variety of elements of a sequence. When you pick a word, a popup window displays at the bottom with synonyms and the vocabulary or dictionary meaning.
Currently, this is a free utility. There are no premium plans available.


9. After The Deadline

After the Deadline is a web-based grammar and autocorrects application that is completely free to use. It is one of the greatest free Grammarly alternatives because it assists you in identifying faults and provides intelligent ideas for your work.
This is a completely free utility; there are no premium or paid subscriptions available.
This Grammarly alternative has an open-source code base, advanced style checking, contextual misspelling check, and detection of frequently misused phrase.

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10. PaperRater

PaperRater program has grammar, spelling, and initiative check functionality. Additionally, this tool includes a plagiarism checker. However, with the free plan, you will only be able to see how much of your content gets copied. This free Grammarly alternative, on the other hand, does not display a genuine line of text.

Their basic plan is complimentary, while the premium plan costs $11.21 per month or $71.55 per year. It includes a plagiarism checker. Integrated proofreader, this feature produces results that are accurate. This alternative to Grammarly is completely free and delivers the most precise writing advice.


11. Hemmingway

The Hemmingway editor has been developed to help you to be less bothered about grammar and spelling. This site like Grammarly option places a higher importance on readability. This grammar checker application is designed to identify lengthy phrases, incorrect adverb usage, and difficult terms.
The basic web application is available for free. However, the app requires a one-time payment of $19.99. It is a simple and intuitive UI; does not require a connection to the internet; assists you in breaking down lengthy statements into smaller sections to make them more understandable.
It is one of the Grammarly-like websites that enhances the readability for the typical user.


12. Writefull

Writefull provides features that aid in the enhancement of the quality and accuracy of your writing. Writefull is one of the biggest free Grammarly alternatives available. It delivers Writefull features instant feedback on any writing by comparing it to major language databases.
The Tool is completely free and open-source. There is no such thing as a premium plan. This tool allows you to listen to the text being read aloud, determine the most frequently used words in the article; determine the synonyms for a specific word. It is one of the Grammarly alternatives that assists you in translating your work into the English language.

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13. Online Correction

You can use the Online Correction tool to locate and highlight spelling problems. Additionally, this Grammarly free alternative exposes numerous grammatical and stylistic errors. Proofreading any text is simple with this tool because it features a minimalist design that is simple to browse and speedy.
Online Correction is a complete free grammar checker, thus you will not be charged for using this application. This program  Check for grammatical and spelling problems, creative hints, and auto-correction Similar to Grammarly, this free software provides advice for sentence structure and terminology.


14. Grammar Check

GrammarCheck is a writing application that is basic in nature. This free alternative to Grammarly is a web-hosted program that includes features that assist users in writing more efficiently and perfectly. You can validate your text by typing it straight into a dialogue window or by copying and pasting it.

Grammar Check is a completely free internet tool. This tool is completely free to use.
This Grammarly free alternative covers basic grammatical mistakes checks, is extremely easy to use, and can be accessed by just copying and pasting information. Provide information regarding capitalization, phrasing, and spelling standards.


15. Ginger software

Ginger Grammar Checker helps you to write a perfect write-up or article. It helps to remove spelling errors and also trains you in writing better.The system’s AI helps with spelling, misused, correct grammar mistakes and perfect word construction.
This tool is free for all and you are not required to pay a dime for their service. This tool helps you to make a professional write-ups and text that is widely acceptable.


16. Writer

Writer is also a suitable free replacement for Grammarly as it offers plagiarism checks with no character limit. When part of your text matches something written online or in a database, you’ll get a plagiarism alert with the source. It has a great interface that match your writing needs. You can also use Writer to create a great article or write up as it can help you with Punctuation, spelling and sentence construction errors.



Grammarly is a great software or program when it comes to grammar checks and professional writing. However if you in any way want to explore other free Grammarly alternatives, you should by now find what you are looking for. Above are the top best similar sites and apps like Grammarly that you can journey with I order to make your write-ups an issue free and acceptable to both human and robots.

So if you are a blogger, journalist, content creation or simply a writer, you can simply opt for any of the alternatives listed above as they are the top 15 apps like Grammarly you will find on the internet today.

Drop your question or query in the comment box below and we will respond to it as fast as we can. Thanks for reading.

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