Best texting and calling apps like TextNow | Top alternatives

Best free TextNow alternatives for messaging and calling

TextNow is a freeware calling and messaging application that enables you to enjoy extraordinary conversations with your friends and family. While the majority of TextNow’s calling and messaging services are free, they are limited to use by TextNow users. Both you and the person you’re contacting must have this app installed on your cell smartphones in order to enjoy this service for free.
A lot of apps like TextNow are available for free texting and calling for iOS devices as well as Android and most of these TextNow alternatives will perform the same function as TextNow or even better.

Apps like TextNow

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TextNow allows you to make calls and text landline numbers while only using internet wifi even without an active mobile phone plan or Sim card. TextNow is one of the most popular texting apps for Windows phone, iPhone, iPad and even Android that allows you to text and call real numbers over the internet, using a special web-based number. You can simply get the apps from your OS app store depending on your device operating system.

If any of your friends also use TextNow, you can use it to make free voice or video calls and send unlimited text messages. This application could also be used to make calls to landline and mobile phone numbers, although there are certain fees associated with it. To utilize this service, you must purchase credits, which may then be used to make phone calls and send SMS to other stationary and phone numbers.

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However, many have been looking for alternatives to TextNow for one reason or the other, but the thing is there are plenty of sites on the internet that can fit into TextNow alternatives but few of them are actually have what you expect to find in them. Some may have usability issues while some lack regular updates making it an easy target to hackers and fraudsters. So today we will be giving you the to best alternatives to TextNow that you can use for texting and calling for free, the apps in this list will only feature the best when compared to TextNow and you should be rest assured that they are safe to use and problem-free.

However, if you want to get the apps, you can simply navigate to your respective device OS app store to get them after reading the description and review here.


Best 10 similar apps like TextNow for free calls and text messaging

1. Google Voice

Google Voice is by far sure my #1 recommendation if you’re looking for a personal or business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number. VoIP is a clever way of explaining that the phone number is based on the internet and that texts and calls are transmitted via an online connection.

Google Voice is a completely free service, and your phone number will be associated with your Gmail account. Each Google account can have a unique Google Voice number.

The best feature of Google Voice is that it has a dedicated website, rather than an app alone. While the app enables you to make unlimited calls on your smartphone, you can also do so by visiting on a desktop computer. You can not only make outgoing calls via the computer web or app but also receive calls and SMS.

Additionally, voicemails are digitally transcribed, allowing you to read them rather of having to listen to them. However, I’ve discovered that sentences are not always reliable, as they depend on the clarity with which the caller spoke.

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Google Voice just like TextNow, allows you to select your postcode. Additionally, like TextNow, domestic calls are free. However, if you wish to make an international call to a landline or mobile phone number in Europe or somewhere, you may be required to add extra to your account balance. You can add up to $10 or more at a time. Unlike TextNow, the Google Voice application is ad-free. While TextNow allows you to pay to remove advertisements, Google Voice is ad-free.


2. TextPlus

TextPlus, or Text+, is an excellent TextNow substitute that I have used firsthand. It is also used by a large number of people I know. Create an account using only the name of your choice. You are not required to include an email address, however, I would recommend doing so if you wish to restore your account in the event that you forget your username or password. TextPlus, like TextNow, contains advertisements. However, I especially enjoyed the fact that you can get rid of adverts for a day for just $0.05.

If you want to be ad-free for an entire month, the cost is simply $0.99/month. Additionally, if you wish to retain your number for a complete month, even if you do not intend to use it, it will charge only $0.10


3. TextFree

Numerous apps like TextNow appear to contain the word “text”.  When you sign up for TextFree, the app will prompt you to choose a zip code; if the desired area code is not available, the app will offer nearby country codes that do have access numbers.

However, I discovered that several area codes with available numbers on TextNow did not have any availability on TextFree. This, nevertheless, is not always the case.

To establish a TextFree profile, you must enter your email address. Regrettably, there is no enrollment option via Facebook at the moment.

While TextFree lines are free forever, they must be used at least once in every thirty days to be valid. Otherwise, after 30 days of inactivity, your line will be automatically reassigned.

Nonetheless, you can retain your number in infinity by subscribing to a $4.99 premium plan. If you do this, you can never lose your phone number, even if you do not use it for an extended period of time.

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4. TextMe

TextMe is another excellent substitute for TextNow. TextMe currently has more than ten million installations on the Google Play Store, indicating that it is highly popular. Additionally, TextMe is accessible on the iOS App Store and Amazon App Store. To begin, sign up using your mail address or Facebook account. The disadvantage of TextMe, like with TextNow, is that it contains advertisements, which might become irritating pretty quickly.

However, I considered the interface to be user-friendly. Additionally, you can opt-out of the adverts by upgrading your membership; the cost varies by country. Additionally, it supports several numbers simultaneously, making it an excellent TextNow alternative for that function.

Along with removing advertisements, upgrading your account enables you to configure call forwarding, similar to how Google Voice does. Additionally, credit packs are available. The more credits you purchase at once, the more affordable it becomes, and those credits will continue making international calls.

Keep in mind that domestic calls (dialling a US number from another US number) are free. Additionally, texting is free. If you’re going to be making a lot of foreign calls, you may wish to get an international number. For instance, if you intend to contact individuals in Australia, you may wish to use an Australian number.

The following are the country-specific phone numbers that are available today on TextMe:

  • (+1) USA
  • (+1) Canada
  • (+44) United Kingdom
  • (+46) Sweden
  • (+61) Australia
  • (+32) Belgium
  • (+33) France
  • (+57) Colombia
  • (+48) Poland
  • (+420) Czech Republic
  • (+43) Austria
  • (+60) Malaysia
  • (+230) Mauritius
  • (+31) Netherlands and many more


5. 2nd Line

This is another app like TextNow and it is only available for Android and it is not available for iOS devices at the moment. I liked 2nd Line since it allows you to create an account with any three-digit country code. For instance, when I selected 715, I was presented with ten distinct 715 country code numbers from which to choose.

2nd Line charges $9.99 per month, however, I recommend signing up for the free demo to get a sample for the service before paying. You can configure your second number to include a voicemail inbox or an auto-reply text. Additionally, you can configure call forwarding enough so calls are routed to your primary line.

I like 2nd Line over TextNow since it allows you to record your calls. You may wish to save a recording of a phone conversation for future reference, or you may like to record a phone conversation with your instructor in order to replay the instruction as a student.


6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is actually a domain registrar and a hosting provider, I am sure some people will be like how is this related to alternatives to TextNow. While GoDaddy is a famous company for its domain names and hosting services, the company also offers a service known as SmartLine.

SmartLine is a business-oriented VoIP service aimed at website and company owners. For instance, if you run a small blog or eCommerce store as a one-man operation, you may like to provide a way for your readers/customers/email subscribers to contact you without disclosing your real, personal phone number.

In that scenario, you may wish to utilize SmartLine. SmartLine utilizes call forwarding to route calls to your personal phone; however, you will be able to see that the call is coming from SmartLine, so you will not be obliged to accept a business call if you are with relatives and not in the office hour to pick business calls.

When you make a call or send a text, the recipient will see the SmartLine number, not your private number. SmartLine is available for seven days for free demo or free trial. After that, it’s $9.99 each month.

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7. AbTalk Call

For Android users, AbTalk Call is a great TextNow alternative. As with the previous mobile applications on this list, AbTalk does not require a SIM card to obtain a phone number. I especially loved the fact that you may earn 1,000 points merely for joining up with Gmail or Facebook. You can still sign up using another email address, but your bonus points will be reduced.

Another reason to use AbTalk over TextNow is that it includes a built-in VPN! Using a VPN to make phone calls and browse the internet will allow you to stay safe and secure.

You are not forced to use the VPN, but it is available and free. Additionally, you will earn bonus points for utilizing the VPN. Additionally, you will earn credits for inviting people. You will receive 200 points for each referral, with extra credits ranging from 100 to 1,500 points after a particular number of friends has been referred.


8. Hushed

Hushed is a TextNow competitor that places a premium on privacy. he idea here is not to retain your Hushed number in indefinitely, but to utilize it for Craigslist advertisements, dating sites, and other things, with the option of later clearing it.

Hushed lets you choose from over 300 country codes in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can join up for seven-day, 30-day, 90-day, or 365-day prepaid programs. US/Canada telephone numbers can call or text other US/Canada telephone numbers, whereas UK telephone numbers can call or text other UK telephone numbers. Alternatively, you can acquire a worldwide plan to make and receive international calls and texts.


9. Rebtel

Rebtel is one of the good TextNow alternatives if you ever need to make low budget international calls. You may make international calls to more than 50 countries, landline phones are included. The rates are reasonable, and you can subscribe on a per-use basis. If, for example, you only need to place one phone call, you can save money.

Rebtel will credit you $5 for each friend you suggest who buys the product credit.

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1o. Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM enables you to obtain a phone number in over 70 countries! If you’ve attempted to use TextNow or its other substitutes to obtain a number in a specific nation but were unsuccessful, Numero eSIM may be the solution. While not all lines will be free, you can obtain complimentary credits.

You can configure call forwarding to allow you to answer calls even if you are not connected to the internet, and you can potentially make your phone invisible. Thus, when you call someone, their Numero eSIM phone number will not appear on the screen. Additionally, Numero eSIM enables you to obtain a toll-free overseas number for business needs. However, one disadvantage of Numero eSIM is that registration requires a real existing phone number. You cannot simply log in with your email address or a Facebook profile.


Above are the top best TextNow alternatives you should definitely be looking at if you are looking for a substitute for TextNow. All the apps above offer the best in term of free texting and calling for local and foreign calls. You can use any of them and enjoy the service as well as the fun that comes with it. So if you use Android, windows phone, iPhone or iPad as well as PCs, you will have access to use these TextNow alternatives when you visit your OS app store.

If you have any query or questions, feel free to use the comment box below to share them and we will respond to them ASAP.

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