Top best site to earn money by watching video

Top 10 sites to earn quick money by streaming video

Technology is advancing everyday so is the world as a whole, you can now earn quick extra cash right at the comfort of your home by simply watching videos online. You may be surprised but there are actually sites that pay you for watching video online and today we will give you the top best websites that pay you by simply streaming videos.

Earn money

Why would you stay broke when you have your smartphone and some internet data, stop dulling yourself and start making money today.

Things you need to get started

  • Your smartphone device or Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Moderate network service
  • A little bit of your time
  • The websites to watch the video
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Talking about the websites, we will give you the top 10 popular sites that pays pretty well by just streaming videos.

Top 10 sites to earn money by watching videos online

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great site when it comes to money-making via video and commercial watching

With Swagbucks, you will have access to watch commercials, movie trailers, and other videos. You can also make additional cash by taking surveys and playing games, it is all fun and you don’t want to miss out.

You will earn bucks as the in-app currency unit which you can, in turn, convert to cash of your currency through gift cards or Paypal.

2. InboxDollars

Just like all others, InboxDollars gives you the opportunity to make extra cash from streaming videos. It as easy as it looks, play those videos and you start earning. Apart from watching videos, you can also earn by taking surveys, playing games online and so much more. With this site, you will also earn free $5 when you sign up.

Based on statistics people have to earn a cash reward of more than $4M from the service so what are you waiting for?

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3. MyPoints

MyPoint is an alternative to both InboxDollar and Swagbuck, they work in similar ways although the reward system is different.

Here to get your reward, you will have to watch a complete playlist thereafter you will now get your reward. With MyPoint you will also be rewarded when you refer a friend.

4. Watch Netflix

As we all know, Netflix is a popular video streaming platform with tons of videos in its database. This Netflix often hires so-called Taggers to watch videos and then tag them and this is simply to help them get the best recommendation to Netflix users and subscribers. However, it is not only Taggers who get paid, there are also other tasks that pay for your service on Netflix. Navigate to Netflix job board and you will see the open opportunities.

5. iRazoo

With iRazoo you can earn extra cash by simply watching commercials and videos, you earn points after watching videos which you can redeem your point with the use of PayPal cash and you can also convert your point to gift cards if you wish.
Tasks you can do on iRazoo includes Survey, watching videos, playing games, watching commercials and lots more.
There is also a referral system where you get paid by referring friends and iRazoo has supported both iOS and Android devices.

6. Viggle

If you are the type that loves streaming video then its time to start making money, with Viggle you will be rewarded when you simply watch TV shows. Here is what you need to do, stream from Netflix or Hulu then click on the app and you will earn points per minutes as you also have access to free points.

You can redeem your points with gift cards, cash and material prizes.

7. QuikRewards

This is yet another earn by watching video website you get your payment when you complete tasks online you also get paid if you engage in other online tasks such as taking the survey, reading sponsored emails and some other tasks. You will receive your payment via PayPal or Gift cards depending on your preference.

So earn today by simply streaming videos online.

8. Slidejoy

If you are the one that doesn’t really get angry at ads then Slidejoy is the perfect choice for you. SlideJoy works in a simple way, the ads display when you unlock your device and you either slide right to dismiss the ads or left to visit the ads website. So you may have to watch some videos or visit the advertiser’s site. You simply get paid for that and you can also earn additional money when you refer friends and when you also link it with your Facebook account. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

9. InboxPounds

It works in a similar process just like Swagbucks you will simply earn cool cash by simply watching videos. Although you might not earn much by only watching ads but you can grow your money when you complete other tasks like taking surveys, reading emails, and lots of other tasks.

10. SuccessBux

This is yet another site where you get paid for simple tasks like watching videos adverts. You can redeem your money using PayPal, the minimum payout is $1 and it is pretty straightforward. You can also add to your cash opportunity when you take surveys, refer a friend and other tasks.

So why would you stay broke when you can actually now watch videos for money, it doesn’t take much of your time and you can actually do it anytime you have the time. The payment is pretty straightforward.

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So these are the top best sites to earn by watching videos and commercials, share this list with your friends, and also drop your comment or feedback in the comment box if you have any.

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