Top best free online calculators for student in 2023

Best free online calculators for complex calculation

When you are a science or engineering student, you need a consistent calculator to assist you to find solutions and analyze complex calculations. These days, your knowledge is not limited to just traditional handheld calculators at all now because there are many great calculator applications online that deliver practically the same features but don’t cost a dime.

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Choosing the Right Calculator

When deciding which calculator to use, you need to align your needs with your funding. To do that, we highly suggest you follow the 5 steps below.

1. Identify Your Demands

First, generate a checklist of all the functionalities you want your calculator to include. Will you need a high-resolution colour device to easily plot multiple graphs at the same time? How about a powerful processor to process your results? By highlighting as many specifications as possible, you will be able to immediately figure out which calculators are best suited for you and what’s not.[the_ad id=”236″]

For obvious reasons, if you need the calculator to work without an online connection, an online calculator app is not the right alternative for you. On the other hand, if your budget is relatively tight but you need a calculator that can help you with computational physics or advance calculations, an online calculator app might be the only feasible choice.


2. Make the decision on a Budget
Traditional handheld calculators can be very expensive. For instance, the Texas Devices TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator, among the most commonly utilized graphing calculators with a colour display costs around $140, which is not an irrelevant sum of money for a learner.

This is good news because most of the student calculator apps on the internet can be downloaded for free. For those who need a physical calculator, you can borrow one from a friend or a kind dude for the day.


3. Compare the accessible calculators.
Once your needs, budget, and calculations are all listed, it’s time to choose a couple of calculators. You should carefully review the specs of the calculator that is being selected before deciding which one to purchase.

Your goal should be to reduce as much as possible the selection of calculators which fit your needs.[the_ad id=”236″]


4. Watch well-reviewed and demonstrable videos 
You would be amazed by how many types of calculator review you will be able to find on the Internet. There are even Channels on youtube devoted solely to calculators, so you should have no difficulty finding more details about one you might be interested in.

Get to know about the device through a video demonstration or a video review. Just because a calculator looks great on paper does not mean that it will also be easy to use.


5. Please reconsider your purchase.
Make sure you actually need a traditional handheld calculator before you purchase it. There is a low probability that an expensive calculator would suit your needs better than an average calculator plus a web calculator app.[the_ad id=”236″]

If you choose to invest in an online calculator, you can pick one of the following calculators:


Top 9 online free calculators for students

Picking the best calculator apps online is very difficult because there are so many viable alternatives out there. To save you time, here is a list of the top best free calculator apps online in 2023.


1. Calculator 1

Calculator 1 is a perfect instructional calculator app since its design closely resembles physical handheld calculators. As a result, it feels instantly familiar to every user. It is available on desktop, smartphones and tablets, and it even supports the keyboard shortcuts.  If the font size is an issue on your device, you can change its size to fit into your preference.

In regards to the default calculator, Calculator 1 can also exhibit a scientific calculator, a simple calculator, a root calculator, and a proportion calculator.


2. Meta Calculator

Meta Calculator can come in handy whenever you need more than one calculator. The simulation is a great way of understanding and analysing great and complex issues.
Research has shown that Meta Calculator is the most advanced scientific calculator app. It has a memory feature for storing math equations for future quick reference. Meta Calculator has plenty of tutorials so you can master all of its features.[the_ad id=”236″]


3. Desmos

Desmos is a smart app that makes math easier. You can start with just high-school basics and switch on to university calculus and scientific functions later.

The knowledge center provides plenty of useful information about the calculator app. Desmos provides an engaging and interactive way to teach mathematics to students.


4. Google Calculator

This Hidden calculator can be viewed by typing the word calculator in Google search page. The calculator can handle arithmetic, operations, how to calculate the value of physical constants, base conversion, and even graph complicated equations with ease.

Besides the calculator that lives on the search page, Google also has a calculator app, which is called simply “Calculator”. Google Calculator can perform basic arithmetic operations and also do scientific calculations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential. It offers a very intuitive and smooth interface with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating among users.[the_ad id=”236″]



Find out how old a person or an object is using this straightforward calculator. How long something has been around is measured in years, months, and days using the Gregorian calendar. Most of the world now follows the Gregorian calendar, which was established by Pope Gregory XIII on October 15, 1582. You can simply get the age of any thing by simply entering the date field on this page and you get the age in seconds.


6. Omni calculator

Omni calculator is the web’s largest collection of free online calculators covering every area of interest. For example, using Omni Calculator, you can calculate how much money you save by quitting smoking or how many hours you spend on emails every day.

Students will find it useful to include interesting facts in their assignments. It will also teach them more about the society we live in. Omni is expanding rapidly its collection of free calculator apps online, striving to remain the largest collection of online calculators.


7.  Casio calculators

Casio is one of the largest manufacturers of portable calculators in the world, and Keisan (a Japanese word for calculation) is its online calculator application for those who need to do an equation on the fly. With Keisan one can make complex mathematical calculations. The calculator application is not very user-friendly and is challenging in terms of calculations but can be highly valuable once mastered.[the_ad id=”236″]


8. WolframAlpha

Wolfram alpha formula solver. Wolfram Alpha doesn’t look like the other calculator apps on our list. Instead, it is a machine that computes answers from external information source. This is a popular mathematics tool because it has features of numerous types of a mathematical systems.

When WolframAlpha solves math problems, it will explain how you get there step by step, helping you learn and improve your skill in math.


9. Symbolab Math Solver

Symbolab Math Solver is a massively-impressive calculator app that guarantees step-by-step solutions to algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. It is actually an effective way to acquire math skill as it motivates students to find the solution.

You can test yourself in pre-algebra, algebra, matrices, functions, trigonometry, calculus, word problems and numerical analysis. You can take Symbolab mobile and work on MathSolver offline.

Above are the top best calculators you can use online for your calculations, use the comment section if you have questions or feedback. Also, share this article to students who you think might find this article helpful.

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