Games You Would Love to Play on macOS Ventura

Whoever said 13 is an unlucky number did not use macOS Ventura yet. Apple’s latest software update comprises the most remarkable features for enhanced productivity and multitasking. Also, with the launch of Ventura, Apple has brought more focus on gaming than before.

For the longest time, Mac users were treated as second-class citizens when it came to gaming. As a result, some of the best titles were unavailable on the platform. However, the wheels of change have been initiated with Ventura, and some significant changes include:

Games You Would Love to Play on macOS Ventura 1

  • The launch of Metal 3: Apple’s graphics framework allows the software to tap into the device’s GPU deeply. Expect significant improvements to game visuals with this third-generation release.
  • SharePlay: This feature allows users to play together while hopping on a FaceTime call.
  • Buddy controllers: Ventura enables the use of buddy controllers; in this, two controllers are used as a single controller.

So if you want to enjoy the latest gaming benefits, update your device to Ventura. You must have more than 35GB of storage space to finish the installation process smoothly. After this, create a macOS Ventura bootable USB drive so that you don’t have to repeatedly download the 12GB Ventura file if you need to reinstall macOS.

Now that your device is upgraded to Ventura and working smoothly, look at the fantastic games you can install on your system to have a great time. If you have recently migrated from Windows to Macs, it is normal for you to feel left out in terms of gaming. But with macOS 13, you don’t have to miss playing the fantastic titles you were used to, some of which are given below. You can expect more titles in the future.


Grand Theft Auto Series

The Grand Theft Auto Series stands out as an action-packed, exhilarating game offering gamers an incredible opportunity to showcase their awesome talents.

With Ventura, the GTA entries are making their way into the Mac environment, especially Vice City and San Andreas. Also, GTA V might see a pre-release on PS5, and you can find the game on your Mac device.


Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil Village was announced during the WWDC 2022 keynote. The other parts are also making their way to macOS. For example, Resident Evil 2 Remake is also about to make its entry into the Mac environment, and critics have highly rated this game. So you can also expect more Resident Evil games in the future.


Elden Ring

If you are seeking challenges and want to play games that involve more than hitting birds or crossing roads, the Elden Ring is the one for you. The game packs a punch as you have to participate in boss battles and can level up your character by unlocking levels as you progress in the game.

The background is set against scary castles, catacombs, and caves. The game will test your patience but will reward you manifold once you defeat the enemies and progress.


Sonic Generations

Mac users missed out on playing Sonic’s games natively on their systems and required virtualization software, such as Parallels Desktop. Or, they could try Steam to play games of the Sonic series.

It did seem strange that Sonic did not come up with a method to make their games available for Mac users. However, now the developers are ready to test the waters for SEGA with Sonic Generations. Finally, macOS users can natively enjoy this game on their system.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

On macOS, fighting games are practically unavailable because the options are extremely few. That’s why Dragon Ball Fighter Z stands out and is in huge demand. The game is known for testing reflexes, and it is fun because you can play as your favourite Dragon Ball Z character.

The animated show was a huge hit on Cartoon Network, and you might have grown up binge-watching this show. The action-packed show set the stage for its adaptation as an excellent fighting game so that you can stay engaged for hours. Moreover, the game is not as violent as other games in this category. Kids and adults can enjoy this game to pass their time.

So Mac users should get super excited that they can play this game on their systems without purchasing a Windows computer.


Final thoughts

Apple is trying to break the myth that macOS is not for gaming. So, with these awesome games lined up, you better hurry up and upgrade your system to macOS 13 Ventura. First, you need to check whether your system is eligible for the update, as Ventura has dropped some models. Mostly, Mac models from 2017 and later are compatible with this upgrade. During the download & installation process, ensure you are connected to a stable Internet connection.


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