Best Digital product Sites like Humble Bundle | Top alternatives

Best Humble Bundle alternatives for games and digital products

Sites like Humble Bundle are on the trend among game players and eBook readers. There are a ton of different websites and services out there that allow you to buy or subscribe to games, books, and other digital content at a discount. One of the most popular stores for this is Humble Bundle, which offers a “pay what you want” model for its Bundles.

Sites like Humble Bundle

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This means that you can pay anything from $1 up to the listed price for the Bundle. In some cases, you can even choose how your money is divided between the developers, the charity, and Humble Bundle itself.

Websites like Humble Bundle are great for gamers, book lovers, and anyone who wants to get their hands on digital content at a discount. They’re also great for newbie developers and small businesses, as they provide a way to get their content in front of a large audience without having to sacrifice profits.

However, there are a lot of other Humble Bundle alternatives you can actually lookout for to get the best deals on digital products


Best similar Digital product stores like Humble Bundle


1. Fanatical

This is another great site like Humble Bundle for buying digital content. If you are using a PC or desktop browser, you need not manually visit this site to get the latest discounts. You can subscribe to Fanatical Deals and the site will automatically send you the best offers. Also, you can take advantage of location-based discounts by enabling location services. The best part is that the platform is safe to use and does not ask for your sensitive information. With Fanatical you can buy expensive games for cheap and other digital stuffs by checking out the deals they offer on the site.

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2. G2A

G2A is a big name in the online gaming industry, and it is attractive because of its huge selection of digital products. The website mainly deals in games but also has an extensive collection of games and ebooks. At G2A, you will find more than a million games and ebooks, and you can also check for the upcoming offers on the website.


3. Groupees

Groupees is a platform for gamers to get amazing deals on game keys for the PC. The site does have a few bundles, but they’re not really bundles in the traditional sense. Groupees offers free game keys, and you can also get extra items, like packs of trading cards. The site is currently in beta but tHis still a neat place to check out if you’re looking for more game keys. They also offer other digital products like eBook, Premium Movies, music and many more.

Groupees is also a place to sell game keys, it has a marketplace for game items, trading cards and more. The site has a wide variety of game items available and is thus a good place to look for some uncommon items you may not find elsewhere.


4. IndieGala

The IndieGala bundle is a monthly bundle of indie games, with a focus on independent games. The bundle take place monthly, with each bundle containing around 10-15 indie games. The games are indie-developed, and the developers of the games listed on IndieGala get to keep 100% of the profits from the bundle. The bundle is run through IndieGala’s own store, and you can get even more information about the games on IndieGala’s site.

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5. 2Games

If you want to focus on gaming, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, 2Games could be the perfect site for you. They have a monthly gaming bundle, and gift cards. What makes 2Games different is that it is a separate store from Humble Bundle. They have the best deals that you could ever imagine. Gamers who are aware of 2Games will rather stay here than go for Humble Bundle as this is its close substitute.


6. Epic Bundle

At Epic Bundle, you can find bundles that contain a lot of different games. You can find bundles for PC, Xbox One and even PlayStation 4. Bundles are usually full-price and do not have Humble Bundle’s Humble Rewards option. Epic Bundle also has a subreddit where you can discuss bundles with others. Visit Epic Bundle to get the best deals on digital products just other websites similar to Humble Bundle.


7. Jupiter’s Game Store

Like Humble Bundle, Jupiter’s Game Store has bundles that contain games for various platforms. While not all bundles are at a lower price than their retail price, Jupiter’s Game Store does have bundles at around 60% off and higher. However, Jupiter’s Game Store has a very similar system to Humble Bundle’s Humble Rewards. Your money will go to charity if you choose to do so, and the percentage that can be given depends on what charity you choose.

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8. Steam

Oh, you thought Steam is only for selling digital games? Don’t be mistaken. You can also get Steam codes from the website, and you can redeem them for a discount on your next purchase. The website offers amazing discounts on Steam games, and you can get up to a 99% discount on some of the games. The website also has a huge selection of PC games and accessories.


9. GameFly

GameFly is one of the popular sites like Humble Bundle that is known for offering a wide range of digital content for gaming consoles, computers, and mobile devices. To enjoy the best gaming experience, you need to download the GameFly app. You can choose from a wide range of games. You can also utilize the GameFly credit card from which you can pay for your gaming activity. The platform is safe to use and does not ask for your sensitive information.


10. Story Bundle

Story Bundle is yet another Site similar to humble Bundle. The games from this website are of premium quality. The games are available for various platforms, such as windows, android, and iOS. The best thing about the games available on this website is that they do not contain advertisements, and the games are 100% free of cost. You can also download e-books, fun, comics, and music from the website.

Like the games to be played on windows and the games that can be played on android, both types of games are available on this website. You can buy a bundle of games or a single game from this website. On this website, you can also choose to pay through PayPal, credit card, and bitcoin.



Like Humble Bundle, a lot of other sites provide enticing bundles, some better than others. Listed below are a few of the most deserving Humble Bundle alternatives for games, eBooks, movies, music and other digital products. Hopefully, there are more great discounts to be had than there were in the past.

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