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Best Roblox alternatives for Mobile device and gaming Consoles

This plaatform has been known for its ability to allow users to create games their games and it also allows people to play games created by other users. From the outside, you might think Roblox or its alternatives are boring games but have you wondered why tons of people around the world play this game?

Games like Roblox

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This is a popular online gaming platform available on Mobile device such as android, iPhone an iPad as well as for PC and other gaming consoles like, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Fire OS and some other gaming consoles.

The creativity of the game has attracted many to the world of Roblox and similar games. However, some people are in search of games like Roblox and I am guessing you are one of them since you are on this page. We will give you the top best free games like Roblox to get your creativity alive and get the fun going while you play your favourite game.


Why should you look for other Games Like Roblox?

You might want to explore other Roblox competitors since some of them can even have better experiences and fun. Also, since it has a wide variety of options and games, you may come across some content not suitable for children. Some parents like to explore safer similar games like Roblox to keep their children from such content.

Also, you may simply want to widen your gaming choice by exploring other Roblox alternatives. So today, we will walk you through the best alternatives to Roblox for your Android, iOS and other gaming consoles. The below similar games are the best you can find that can meet your expectations, so feel free to check them out.

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Best similar games like Roblox


1. Minecraft

In addition to Roblox, you may want to check out Minecraft as an alternative gaming platform. You construct your world out of blocks. Like in Roblox, you use bricks to build various objects in this game. A 3D world with a lot of room to work with is the basis for both games, but they are very different.

In Minecraft, everything is made of blocks. In order to produce anything in the game, you’ll need to explore and gather resources. Playing on Roblox and Minecraft is essentially the same experience.

With the survival game mode, your home and yourself will need to be protected in the event of a disaster. Predators lurk in the shadows, so beware! You should realize that the night is home to a lot of wild and dangerous creatures.

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2. Lego Worlds

With its toy blocks, Lego Worlds has swept the gaming world aside. Lego Worlds games, like their Roblox counterparts, rely on blocks to construct their own virtual worlds. Players earn studs by finding and collecting things on the map (the in-game currency). You can buy a number of stuff in the game with the studs.

Lego blocks can be used to build anything from a house to a vehicle. Explore the world in your custom-built vehicle. Lego worlds are made out of Lego models that may be interacted with in various ways. For your enjoyment, the worlds in this game are generated in a procedural manner. Invite your pals over for a day of building fun. Friends and new ideas are sure to keep you entertained.

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3. Terraria

Terraria combines action and creativity in a unique way. You’ll have a lot of fun discovering and making new things. If you’re a fan of the old-school adventure genre, you’ll enjoy this. In this 2D universe, you begin by scavenging and mining for resources.

Roblox is a 3D game, whereas Terraria is a 2D action game. Terraria, on the other hand, features a variety of Roblox-like interactions. There are certain monsters that will get in your way, so be prepared for that. In other instances, you’ll have to take on bosses who won’t stop dropping rare goods.

To battle these bosses, you must apply your own strategy. Your weapons of choice include firearms, magic, and other medieval artefacts. To utilize a weapon, all you need to do is make one yourself. Terraria’s non-player characters (NPCs) are one of the game’s most engaging features.

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4. Trove

Trove will allow you to play in a variety of ways. Making new friends is made easier in multiplayer mode. Trove’s graphics are comparable to Roblox’s. You begin the game by selecting a character class. Each class has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There will be obstacles in the class you select, some more difficult than others.

In order to fully understand Trove, you must progress through the game’s several worlds. Customizable items are at your disposal to improve the quality of your play experience. You’ll be able to progress to increasingly difficult stages that lead to more rewarding planets as your skills and experience grow. Like Roblox, Trove also allows for the creation of games and adventures as well as extensive customization options for the avatars you use in those games.


5. KoGaMa

This is another big sporting event. With KoGaMa, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know. This game transports you to an altered universe filled with limitless possibilities. Avatar creation is a snap with the pre-installed characters. Aside from building avatars, you’ll be participating in online races or just hanging around with your online playmates.

Kogama, like Roblox, enables you to build games, play with friends, and share them with others online. As you progress through the game, you’ll come across new and fascinating activities. Make the most of the game’s logic and terrain to create a memorable experience.


6. Boundless

This game takes you into a hazardous, alien-infested Earth. Explore new worlds, just as you do on Roblox. Creating an empire with your playmates in this virtual environment is something you will surely do in Roblox. First and third-person views will allow you to convey and receive unique information and gifts during your journey.

A full city is built after receiving gifts and information from the game. To improve your making abilities, you must first learn to withstand the elements. Explore Boundless, play with a group of friends. Do you recognize this?

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7. Minetest

Minetest is a multiplayer building game. To play, you can choose from a variety of game styles or create your own virtual world and invite your friends to join you. Minetest’s maps, like other popular games like Minecraft and Roblox, have lots of bricks. Based on the established criteria, the map-generators continue to create new maps.

New features will become available to you as you continue through the game. You have complete control over the world in Minetest. Keep in mind that you need to survive in order to acquire more gifts for creating. Crafting tools are the only way to achieve your aim.


8. Creativerse

This is another Minecraft and Roblox-inspired game, Creativerse is an excellent alternative to Roblox. You’ll create your own virtual world using blocks while you play. This is a lovely game to enjoy with others, so invite some friends around. If you’re looking for a survival game with a similar block-based setting, this one is for you!

You’ll be able to interact with animals and the scenery while engaged in the 3D universe. Craft and gather as much as you can while having a good time. As you gather and create, you’ll get access to additional recipes and the ability to create brand-new products.

A random generation of blocks is used in the gaming environment. Many options are available to you, including interacting with animals and plants and gathering resources.

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9. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles combines 3D action with block building. Cubic Castles are the setting for this game’s adventure. Building your universe one cube at a time presents a variety of exciting difficulties. Explore the worlds of other players and learn what they’re up to. Why not make some new friends while you’re at it?

Let your pals join in the fun when your world is ready. Roblox isn’t the first to do this. Every aspect of Cubic Castles is utterly delightful. You’ll be able to create new realms, gather resources, and begin developing your own environment.


10. Growtopia

Just like Roblox, Growtopia features a 2D environment. In addition, you can grow and exchange items with other players in this game. You can visit other worlds or invite your friends to your universe in Growtopia, which makes interactivity more enjoyable.

When you’re ready for a battle, all you have to do is set it up and let off some steam. In Growtopia, there are no quests like there are in Roblox, but you can still aid NPCs and be rewarded for doing so. Play with orcs, wizards, healers, and explorers in this imaginative game featuring a variety of themes and components.



There are many substitutes to Roblox that you can explore online but the list above contains the best alternatives to Roblox that will work in a similar way. Feel free to explore. If you have any questions or feedback, please use the comment section below to forward them. Thanks for reading.


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