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Best Discord alternatives for gaming texting and Hang out

Communication is an important part of human life as call and text chat apps go a long way in helping gamers as well as friends or family to remain connected even in real-time. Discord is popular in the gaming world since it allows gamers to connect from all over the world and hang out in real-time. Apart from gaming, Discord can also be used for normal chatting and texting which makes communication easier.

Apps like Discord

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For one reason or the other, some users do not like Discord while some are simply looking for more ways to connect with friends by looking for the best Discord alternatives. A lot of apps like Discord exist out there but not all are safe to use and you would not like to risk losing your personal information to some dangerous sites and apps that claim to be similar to Discord. So, today to save you the stress and to keep you secured, we have compiled a list of the best free Alternatives to Discord that gamers like to use as well as for business or pleasure on Android, iOS and Pc.

These apps are safe to use and have a lot of active users worldwide. Therefore, you are not limited to a particular location as you can connect with lots of people both far and wide.

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Best similar apps like Discord for gaming


1. Telegram

While Telegram is often compared to WhatsApp, Telegram messaging app has much more to offer. Telegram, I would say, competes more directly with Discord than WhatsApp does. It includes several features, including instant messaging, community hosting, suport forums, public channels, and limitless customization.

The best thing is that Telegram now offers video calling for both dual calls and group conversations. Additionally, much like Discord, you can construct bots to handle large groups, incorporate scripts, and automate requests, among other things. Having said that, what differentiates Telegram from Discord is that Telegram offers selectable End-to-End encryption for sending private messages.

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS


2. Element

While Discord is an excellent gaming tool, it lacks end-to-end encryption, which means your interactions are not as secure as you might wish. If you’re concerned about your privacy and looking for a Discord alternative that provides more privacy, you should certainly check out Element a text and voice chat program that uses end-to-end encryption. This tool is available for PCs, Android and even iPhone and iPads.

As Element is primarily intended for team interactions, it contains lots of new tools to assist you in streamlining your team’s workflow. Element, which is based on the Matrix open communications protocol, also enables you to communicate with anyone else in the environment.

Android | iOS device | Website

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3. Skype

if you don’t require a complex app like Discord with plenty of functionality like the previous programs on this list or you simply want a simple, familiar service that will suffice, you should try using Skype for your gaming communication needs.

The popular text and voice chat program is extremely simple to use and provides all of the essential capabilities for communicating with a group of colleagues. Skype also allows participants to transfer files within a chat, in addition to video chat features, which may not be necessary while gaming but could come in handy if used professionally in other areas.

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS | Web


4. TeamSpeak

Much before Discord existed, many gamers depended on TeamSpeak for in-game chat, and quite a few devoted fans have remained on the apps since if offers a great functionality.

As with Discord, TeamSpeak utilizes the opus codec for low-latency voice communications, and as a long-time user, I can attest to the service’s capabilities as a fantastic voice and text chat program. Additionally, TeamSpeak’s UI has been totally redesigned to look quite similar to Discord. So this Discord alternative will actually look familiar especially of you are an existiong user of Discord.

TeamSpeak enables individuals to construct dedicated servers for their specific needs, and other users can connect to these channels to speak about a shared subject – be it gaming or productivity. To maintain the security and privacy of your talks, TeamSpeak employs AES encryption, which protects all of your communications from evil prying eyes.

Windows | macOS | Linux


5. Tox

If you have used Discord for purposes other than gaming and are looking for a more private platform, you should definitely try Tox. Tox utilizes military-grade encryption, ensuring that all of your platform chats are secure from illegal access.

Tox is also quite straightforward to use, with a simple yet dated-looking interface that you can pick up in a matter of minutes. There is text, audio, and video chat capabilities, as well as a helpful screen sharing function that comes in handy when showing your crew something on your computer.

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android

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6. Mumble

Another Discord substitute is Mumble, an open-source VoIP platform that is optimized for low-latency audio calling. As with TeamSpeak 3, Mumble demands a standalone client and lacks browser functionality. All access are limited to mobile app, something a number of Discord users appreciate.

Just like Discord, Mumble is completely free to use and is available on a wide range of platforms. Mumble also encrypts discussions, which is beneficial for those concerned about their identity, and its authentication feature hinders random persons from entering your group chat room; however, unlike Discord, Mumble lacks DDoS defence.

Android | iOS device | Windows | Website


7. Slack

If you’re searching for a professional-grade Discord alternative, check out Slack, a team chat software that looks quite similar to Discord. The program has the same clean and perfect user interface as Discord, but it is intended at a more professional setting, therefore there are no videogame features inccorporated in to the application.

Rather than that, you’ll find a variety of useful features aimed at increasing your workplace efficiency; nevertheless, if you’re seeking for lag-free audio communications, you should absolutely consider some of the other possibilities. Slack differentiates itself from Discord by offering integrations with over 800 third-party corporate software applications.

Additionally, it enables you to receive notifications directly from the software you’re using without having to open the program. File sharing is also a piece of cake and more convenient on Slack, as the platform limits uploads to 1GB, but Discord only allows users to share files up to 8MB in size.

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS


8. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts might not be the first choice when it comes to game chatting, it is mainly designed for conversation between friends and for business. However, some gamers have taken it up to use it for game chatting and it worked although ut lacks some basic functionality, unlike Discord.

Google Hangouts allows you to make free voice calls to other Hangouts users and participate in video conferences with up to ten other people. It’s fine for socializing with fellow gamers, but isn’t ideal for gaming because the quality isn’t tuned for it, you don’t have push-to-talk options.

Android | iOS | Web

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9. Steam Chat

Another prominent discord alternative is Steam Chat, Valve’s own message and voice chat platform for gamers, which is also a a close substitute if you’re not interested in using Discord. The chat tool on Steam is completely free, and you can establish your own group room with people and communicate with them via text or voice chat.

To make it even easier for others to join your group, Steam allows users to exchange unique group invite links (similar to Discord) that may be clicked to instantly join an existing group. Additionally, Steam allows group administrators to assign members roles that grant them specific permissions, such as the ability to kick out rude or unwanted members, control group information, and restrict chatting.

Windows | macOS


10. Microsoft Teams

While Microsoft Teams was not designed with gamers in mind, it can be beneficial to them. Similar to Discord, you may communicate in real-time with your teammates and map out a strategy. Additionally, phone and video calls are now supported for both individuals and in groups.

However, you should also know that you can use MS Teams to transfer files, and the upload limit is 100GB. Discord in contrast, with a free plan offering a maximum file transfer of 8MB and a premium Nitro plan offering 50MB. Additionally, MS Teams currently offers a free subscription that has a respectable set of benefits.

Android | iOS device | Windows



The above Discord alternatives can be used for gaming as well as business or personal uses. Not all are designed for gaming but can still help gamers communicate effectively. Feel free to go through the list and the description to see if any of the apps like Discord catch your attention.

Most of them are available for Android, iOS and PC, so the Discord alternatives will definitely be of help.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use the comment box to communicate to us. Thanks.




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