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Best Flexshopper alternatives for Rent to Own goods

There are many Sites like FlexShopper that offer goods to make life easier for people who are on a low budget. Most of the FlexShopper alternatives have similar features and they offer products from popular brands so that you can buy now and pay later.

What is FlexShopper?

FlexShopper, a lease-to-own company lets you buy things from major brands without having to pay for them in full at once. The solution is to lease the product for up to a year and pay for it in weekly or monthly instalments. Once all payments are made, you will own the product completely.

Because you’re just leasing the product for a short period of time, you have the option to return it and end your lease agreement at any time. If you return the merchandise in good condition, you won’t have to pay the balance of your bill. They help you acquire goods for rent which you can completely own when you pay in full.

Sites like Flexshopper

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Today we will walk through the best websites like FlexShopper where you can rent or lease products which you can later own when you pay in full some of which do not even have a credit check. The FlexShopper similar sites we are going to talk about have very close similar features and you can get items for cheap prices that you can even pay in instalments.


Best similar apps like FlexShopper


1. LeaseVille

LeaseVille is an alternative to FlexShopper that is similar to Progressive Leasing. You can apply for a lease-to-own contract at LeaseVille through the retailer’s website, where you can discover retail shopping options. There is no minimum initial purchase price, and you can use up to $2,500. You can use LeaseVille to apply for a lease-to-own contract with stores like Lowe’s and Best Buy, like Progressive Leasing. However, LeaseVille doesn’t accept credit or debit cards, so you must use an e-check.

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2. Katapult

Unlike many other rent-to-own options, Katapult doesn’t charge any late fees. You will, however, get charged a small fee if you don’t pay your bill within 30 days. You can read more about that here, but if you don’t mind paying the fee, you can opt to use this platform. If you don’t have good credit, you can still do well with Katapult. You’ll only need to pay off the remaining balance from your initial deposit when you’re completely done paying your bill.

The site also advertises that it will report your payment history to the major credit bureaus. It will also accept payments from any major credit card, bank account, or PayPal account. That means you can choose to pay with a debit card if you’d prefer. You’ll also have access to a $2,500 spending limit. However, You can only use Katapult if you have good credit.

3. LendYou

LendYou is a site that is very much similar to Flexshopper. It is a place where you can find amazing products related to home décor, general home improvement, kitchen, etc. You can use your credit to buy these products, and once you repay it, you can easily shop for more products.  LendYou is a store where you can find various home décor, general home improvement, kitchen and so on commodities.


4. Fingerhut

Fingerhut is another addition to our list of rent to own sites like Flexshopper. Fingerhut is a store with a large variety of products for the home, fashion, and lifestyle. This company provides quick shipping and a “See It Now” option that allows you to pay for your order at your own pace. Fingerhut has a “no questions asked” return policy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. This company has everything from electronics to small home products, bedding, furniture, and a wide array of home decor. If you’re looking for a new mattress or a new TV, this is the place to shop.

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5. HSN

HSN is a large online retailer website like Flexshopper for home goods and personal care products. The online retailer is operated by the General Electric Company and was established in 1982. It has a network of brick and mortar stores that you can visit for your shopping needs. HSN is a popular rent to own site that offers high-quality products at discounted prices.


6. RealReal

RealReal is an online platform for reselling items for people who are not capable to purchase them. It is a marketplace where you can sell your jewellery, clothing, home goods, etc. It is the largest online marketplace for second-hand merchandise and it is operated by the RealReal. Founded in February of 2015, it currently has over $1.2 Billion in annual revenue.


7. Gettington

With more than 50,000 items available, Gettington is a great place to shop. It is one of the best places to shop for electronics, fashion, sports and many more. It is also one of the best places to shop for music.

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8. YuKeep

YuKeep offers a wide range of products including furniture, home goods, pet supplies, clothing and many more. It is a rent to own platform like Flexshopper, a buy now pay later store that also offers instalment payment methods. Their payment options are the same as Flexshopper’s where you can pay in monthly instalments of 12, 24 and 36 months. You can also use instalment payment to purchase items of up to $5000.Requirements:


9. GreenRide

GreenRide is a rent to own, buy now pay later shop that offers credit cards that have a maximum spending limit of $2500. They also allow their customers to pay in instalments of 12, 24 and 36 months.


10. RentDelite

RentDelite is a rent to own, buy now pay later shop where you could purchase appliances, home goods, furniture, fitness equipment, sports-related items, automotive, fashion, electronics, jewellery and music

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In comparison to FlexShopper, below are the greatest alternative. Some can even set a spending limit for you that is bigger than FlexShopper’s, and it has both in-store and online shopping possibilities in its network. Most for these sites like FlexShopper have good customer reviews, and no credit card information is required to use the service or even credit checks.

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