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Best Putlocker alternatives for Movies and TV shows streaming

Putlocker sites are on the hunt by hosting companies and popular movie providers. This is because premium movies and TV shows that are supposed to be paid for are being offered for free by these Putlocker and other mirror sites.

So what will you do when your favourite Putlocker has been shut down? The simple answer is either you opt for premium legal movie streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar etc or you can simply explore Putlocker alternatives that are free and continue watching your TV shows, series and movies for free.

Sites like Putlocker

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The Putlocker alternatives that will be listed in today’s article have been tested and concluded to be safe and they offer the service similar to that of Putlocker. Note that, there are plenty sites like Putlocker out there on the internet but few of them are free and very little of them offer good movies. So today, we will walk you through the top best sites like Putlocker you can use to continue enjoying free streaming of movies without restriction.

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Top FMovies Alternatives for free movies streaming


1. 123Movies

This is another Putlocker alternative with the most extensive video library of any website on this listing, 123Movies is an excellent resource for locating a particular movie.

You will be immediately drawn to this site’s well-organized, basic interface. It was quite simple to navigate. Although its name implies that it is primarily a movie streaming site, this streaming service caters to all users. Along with films, it features a wide collection of live-action shows, including popular western fare as well as Korean dramas and comedy. It even includes a large collection of anime.

123Movies allows you to sort series and movies sequentially, by release year, or by the amount of views. This makes it simple to find anything to watch if you’re confused. No registration is required to begin watching, and the site contains fewer advertisements than the majority of free streaming services.

The primary disadvantage of 123Movies is its unsatisfactory search capability. However, the site’s advantages surpass this disadvantage, making it among the greatest Putlocker alternatives.


2. Fmovies

This is another excellent Putlocker alternative site for movie fans. Fmovies features an innovative interface and an intuitive layout. The homepage displays a clean, minimal style, which is ideal for all of us who are often confused by busy screens. The main feature of Fmovies is its superior search engine, which makes this free streaming service a perfect choice if you’re looking for a certain film.

As with the majority of the sites on this listing, Fmovies allows you to search by category to locate what you’re browsing for. You can browse films by genre, most recently uploaded, or most viewed. I encountered some advertisements on this site, but they were rare enough that they were not really a problem.

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3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has a vast catalog of both popular and rare films. This website is one of the potential alternatives to Putlocker for movies, however it does not feature television shows. It features a wide selection of film genres, making it easy to pick something you’ll enjoy. Along with newly released films, Popcornflix is an excellent resource for free movie classics.

Another bonus is how simple it is to navigate through Popcornflix’s various categories if you haven’t decided just what view already. This is my top pick if you intend to stream on an ios or Ipad device, as Popcornflix is suited for both mobile and desktop layouts.


4. SolarMovie

While not everyone is aware of this hidden treasure, SolarMovie is among the best online streaming sites available. Despite appearances, this website features both movies and television shows. SolarMovie’s better search feature and well-organized categories will amazed you. Additionally, it boasts a clean website design lack of distracting elements that could overload your screen. You can filter movies based on its popularity, number of views, and user rating. Additionally, you may sort results according to their IMDb rating, which really is a helpful tool.

While registration is not needed, registering allows you to submit requests for content you’d would want to see. Additionally, you may easily access your streaming settings and a list of your top movies by saving them. The primary disadvantage of SolarMovie is its limited library.


5. Los Movies

Los Movies is another amazing Putlocker alternative for free movie streaming site with a big selection of films and television episodes to choose from. The site’s primary selling point is its extensive selection of international material. Long lists of worldwide television shows and films in their native languages are available. Subtitles are available for the majority of foreign language content.

When browsing, you can filter results by day added, rating, and release date, among other criteria. Additionally, the site includes the most recent hot video library to get you going. Additionally, Los Movies features a powerful search bar to assist you in locating what you’re searching for.

What I didn’t enjoy about Los Movies was the high volume of pop-up advertisements. If you’re going to Los Movies, I recommend you connect with a VPN with an ad blocker beforehand.


6. AZMovies

What I enjoy about AZMovies is how many mirrors it gives for each movie. juIf you come across a broken link, you will usually always find another that works just fine. This website loads extremely rapidly and features an easy-to-use layout. You will be  able to stream in high definition with minimal buffering. As the name implies, AZMovies is excellent for classic films. However, you can browse TV programmes via links to its other part NOXX.

My primary criticism is that the homepage layout is extremely cluttered. It took me a minute to adjust myself and correctly explore the site. Additionally, there are persistent pop-up advertisements once you click on a number of the links.

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7. GoMovies

What I enjoy so much about GoMovies is that it offers two distinct homepage layouts.  Additionally, there is a link that sends you to the site’s previous layout. This is preferable for exploring when you are undecided about what to watch. You can rapidly sort films based on their popularity, most views, and IMDb rating.

Another feature that distinguishes GoMovies is its dark mode. When this mode is enabled, the site changes to a dark color scheme that is ideal for late night movie sessions.


8. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy features a functional search navigation bar of its webpage to assist you in locating your favorite films and television episodes. The site is constantly updated with new premium movies, and it contains fewer advertisements than the majority of other free movie streaming websites.

While this website lacks foreign films and global dramas, MoviesJoy compensates with a vast library of American entertainment. If that is what you seek, you will most definitely find it there. MoviesJoy features an appealing design that is simple to explore and performs admirably on mobile.

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9. Watch Series Online

If you’re unable to locate a television series on other websites, there’s a strong chance you’ll discover it on Watch Series Online. You won’t stumble into blockbusters here, but the website gives hundreds of TV shows with whole seasons and episodes. Due to the availability of several mirrors, there is generally at least one functional link.

The homepage’s “content at random” feed is an excellent method to discover new stuff when you’re bored of streaming. Additionally, I like that the majority of episodes are available in high definition. One of the downsides of Watch Series Online is that it display ads that can be annoying and obstructive. However, the fun and the access to the library of the movies and shows here can make you ignore the ads disturbance.

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10. YesMovies

While YesMovies may not have the largest library in comparison to some of the other websites on this collection, it is an excellent resource for discovering new films and television series.

YesMovies in particular, contains some fantastic hidden treasures organized by unique genres. The library offers a number of intriguing documentaries that are not readily available on certain free streaming services. Additionally, it has a beautiful user interface and adequate possibilities for organizing material. Although the site is centered by a search box, you can switch to the surfing view to sort by category or IMDb rating.



Above are the alternatives to Putlocker that you can explore today and start streaming your favourite movies. They are sites like Putlocker where you can stream movies and TV shows for free without paying a dime. They are the best Putlocker alternatives you can find, so feel free to utilize them.

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