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Best 123Movies alternatives for Movies streaming

Everybody loves movies but getting access to the right movie sites can be tasking especially now that 123Movies have been shut down. You already know that 123Movies was a very good platform to stream movies for free online and now that the site is gone I believe you will be glad to know there are several sites that fits into the best alternatives for 123movies.

123movies alternatives

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However, the shutdown of 123Movies has prompt most movie lovers to search for its alternatives or sites that actually works in a similar way as it does so today, we will be giving you the top best of the alternative and sites like 123Movies to start streaming movies today without any hindrances. So to get started lets observe the below lists.

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Top 10 123Movies alternatives

1. Vumoo

One of the best sites similar to 123movies. Vumoo is a great 123movies replacement. With just one click, you can watch a variety of tv programs and movies. Another great feature of Vumoo is that you can watch movies and TV shows without having to create an account. We considered the website to be very responsive, and you will have no trouble accessing it.

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When you first visit the platform, you can see a variety of options that you can watch right away. The search bar and movie and TV series labels can be found at the top of the page. Regrettably, you are unable to sort anything by unique categories such as genre, date, and so on. Since you already know what you’d like to watch, type the title into the search bar. You may also go to the film or TV series categories and use the link shortcut at the end of the page to get there.

After you’ve established what you’d like to stream, simply click on the thumbnail of the tv show Or movie show you want to stream, and it will begin playing right away. With their video host, we’ve had a fairly good experience. Usually, there are two servers from which to choose; if one does not fit for you, try the other. Unfortunately, the highest resolution available is 720p, also subtitles do not appear to be available. Vumoo is perfect for you if you don’t think about that stuff.

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2. Fmovies

If you’re still interested in 123movies, this is among the largest web movie streaming services. They have a large selection of films that are normally difficult to come by. They clearly have a large library of films and television shows. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find whatever movies or TV shows you’re looking for here.
Since there are several thumbnails and other fancy things on the homepage, it has a bit slow loading issue so it might take a little longer to load the entire website the first time you open.

When we first arrived at the homepage, we were greeted by a plethora of options, all of which were organized into genres or themes. There are a lot of videos you can find in the Fmovies library and not limited to only movies. They separated the movies into genres in the movie category. Politics, classical and international literature, music, and several other topics are included. Try choosing one of the movies, and the video player will appear right away. The site and video host are in full working order. The highest possible quality is 720p. You may also register your account here, but it is not needed.

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3. BMovies

Bmovies is a perfect 123movies option for watching a wide range of TV shows and Disney movies. When you first visit the site, you’ll note how basic the interface is. You can either automatically check for a title card or go to the top of the page and choose a category. Bmovies runs smoothly, with no extraneous features to clog up the platform. All is in working order and will provide you with the details you need.

If you’d like to look for something else, you can use the genre, region, movies, TV shows, top IMDB, and also most viewed at the top of the website, or you can check for a movie or TV show title. Bmovies is deserving of a spot on our list of websites similar to 123movies.


4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another good site for streaming movies and television shows. Unfortunately, the website is very sluggish, making the thumbnails difficult to see. It will take some time for it to load. But once that’s over, everything is perfect. Some movies or TV shows can be restricted in your country, depending on your location. But don’t worry, there’s always a way to get around that. You can override this with the use of a VPN program so try and install a VPN app and try streaming that movie again

The video player varies from the others in appearance, but it functions properly. There is no need to create an account since you can watch everything without one. Although it library is not as large as the others discussed here, it might be worthy of your attention to give it a try.

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5. Yesmovies

This website is a great alternative and that it is fantastic. Try this one if you want to stream movies for free. The pages load quickly, and it really runs smoothly. There are several categories to choose from, including genre, world, movies, TV shows, and top IMDB. We attempted to open one movie and found some useful details, close to that found on IMDB. You can check out the video trailer and learn more about the film’s length, category, main cast, ranking, release date, and similar films. You may subscribe to their newsletter in the bottom right corner to get updates on new movies and other details.


6. Crackle

To substitute 123movies, Crackle is the competent free movie streaming platform. Sony sponsors Crackle, which features original films in genres such as action, horror, satire, family, and more. Crackle also broadcasts your favourite tv shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Ellen show and others. Crackle is one of the great free streaming services for original and high-quality content. Don’t forget to check up your favourite film here.


7. Watch Free

WatchFree is a free movie streaming platform that includes TV shows, cartoons, video games, horror movies, and other genres. There are a lot of free movies here, and you have unrestricted access to videos at no cost for money. They offer free content in general. You can also watch live TV, and one of the things I really like this website is that comics are available.

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8. Tubi TV

Tubi is another great platform to watch free movies and TV shows. Tubi is unique in that it allows you to access content from any device, including your Android, iPhone PC or any other device.  Unfortunately, in order to access the account, you must first register. However, as an alternative to 123Movies, it’s never a bad idea to consider Tubi.


9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV, is a video streaming service. The Pluto TV channel broadcasts a wide range of television shows and films. Original material, network television programs, documentaries, short films, tv series, entertainment, and more are all available. What motivates you to watch free movies? Pluto TV licenses its relevant content from this provider, allowing them to offer exclusive and free content to users around the world.

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10. Vudu

If you’re looking for a place where you can stream Disney movies all for free, I strongly suggest Vudu. Vudu provides both free and paid content. You can watch free movies and search through thousands of titles, including movies, television shows, cartoons, anime, and Disney films.

Vudu now offers free movies, with Family & Kids being one of the most common genres. Is staying home truly boring to you this holiday? To pass the time, you can watch movies online for free. You will have to deal with advertisements if you want to access free content; don’t worry, most ads are brief and don’t show at all. Since this platform is built to be accessible and easy to navigate from a number of devices, you can also stream movies right from your smartphone.

Feel free to check the above sites as they are the top best site like 123Movies we have today. Since all of them are free, you are likely to see some of the ads but they are ads you can cope with moreover how do you expect them to run their site without income. So let us know if you have a favourite from this list in the comment box below

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