Top best free music download sites

Top 10 Best Websites for Free Music Downloads

As lots of people believe, Music is life and music have united so many people and in fact music can be referred to as a universal language that everybody speaks. Downloading music is really important as we will want to have access to them when and wherever we want it. However, getting a site that offers free download of music can be tasking due to legal issues attached to it.

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There are many websites that offer unlimited music downloads, and we’ve filtered through them to bring you this list of the 10 top sites for freely accessible music downloads. You can grab high-quality MP3s which really will sound great on your device, phone, or tablet from these sites. Since you can download them, they’re yours to listen to on a nice pair of earbuds indefinitely with no issues whatsoever.

All downloads on this page are not illegal. In most cases, the artists have granted you permission to download and enjoy their music. You will in turn enjoy these free music without restrictions or issues.

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Best sites for free download and streaming of music

1. Audiomack

If you enjoy listening to music on first hand once released and are curious to see new music, you’ll enjoy Audiomack. All music on this website is completely legal and available for free streaming, and based on the artist, you can also find music downloads.

The Audiomack website is extremely user-friendly. You can use the search bar to find tracks, albums, and artists, or you can browse the Trends or Top Songs pages. Additionally, there is a Newly Added page where you can find all of Audiomack’s most recent releases.

You do not need a user account to stream music from Audiomack. The majority, if not all, of the songs are available in MP3 format.

If you’d rather stream music via your smartphone, Audiomack supports this as well, through the Android and iOS apps.

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  • Each song is streamable.
  • It’s simple to locate popular song downloads.
  • Numerous options for sorting, filtering, and browsing free music
  • There is no requirement to create a user account.
  • Mobile applications for music listening


  • Not every album is available for download.
  • There is no way to locate only free music downloads.

2. Amazon offers thousands of free music downloads, rendering it as one of the favorite websites to visit while searching for new music to legally stream and download. You may browse the music by genre or by filtering by popularity, launch date, song duration, or rating counts, or by title, performer, or album.
You can listen to the songs without downloading them, but when you’re ready to download them, add the item to your cart. Then proceed to checkout as if you were making a purchase. You’ll be guided to a download page for the free music, which will also be saved in your order history’s Digital Orders tab.


  1. You can filter the downloads list.
  2. Offers several options for filtering and refining the results


  • The downloading procedure may be baffling.
  • You must first sign into your Amazon account.
  • Not all of the music on the web is available for free.

3. Jamendo

All of Jamendo Music’s free music downloads are available under Creative Commons licenses, which means that the artists have chosen to make their music freely available to the public. At Jamendo, you can find new music by browsing the most famous tracks and trending songs. Additionally, there is a filter for Newly added tracks. Additionally, you can check for artists you are familiar with and see if their new music is accessible.
Another way to discover great music on this site is to tune in to the one of the Jamendo radio stations. Once you’ve discovered a song or artist that you like, you can download a new track or the complete album.

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Additionally, you can browse this free music through playlists such as “Best of August,” “House music ,” “Christmas Day,” and “jazz music.”
If you’d like to listen to the music on Jamendo rather than download it, you can do so as well.
If you’d prefer not to use your internet browser, Jamendo Music offers free apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.


  • Numerous options for downloading
  • Additionally, it enables you to stream music.
  • Includes a built-in radio.
  • There is a smartphone application.


  • MP3 is the only format supported; no other formats are available.
  • Requires you creating of a user account which is completely free.
  • The downloads are not in high definition.

4. Bandcamp

Bandcamp enables artists to easily share their work in a “name your own price” setting. This implies that while you still can pay for the music, you can also download it for free by entering a zero in the checkout box. The Discover page is an excellent resource for discovering Bandcamp’s best-selling music, as well as new arrivals and tracks suggested by musicians.

Not all songs are available for free download, but those that do not have a price cap include the following: Choose to Buy Digital Track or purchase now, enter 0 in the slot, choose download to your phone, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download. The majority of them are available in a variety of different formats, including Wav, Webm, AAC, mp3, and WAV.

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Occasionally, there is no minimum price for complete tracks, which means you can use the Buy Digital Album alternative to get all of the album’s songs for free.


  • Allows you to download individual songs and whole collections.
  • Includes several songs that are not available on other free music streaming websites.
  • Payment is optional
  • There is no requirement for a user account.


  • Not every song shown is available for free download.
  • There is no free music filtered page.


5. Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

The Internet Archive’s Audio Archive contains millions of results for free music, audio, podcasts, and radio shows, including their Live Music Archive. You can organize the free music downloads by most famous, title, date released, or creator. Additionally, you can filter the results by media form, concerts, audio, genre, and language. Typically, you can stream music in a variety of file formats, including MP3 and OGG. These are listed on each download page’s DOWNLOAD OPTIONS section.


  • Numerous audio downloads are available for free.
  • Numerous options for sorting and filtering
  • The majority of music is available in a variety of formats.
  • Allows for previewing
  • You are not required to create a user account.


  • Has a greater selection of low-quality music than most websites
  • Navigation can be confusing.


6. SoundClick

SoundClick is the best resource for discovering free music exclusively from artist websites. These artists have agreed to make their music available for free download. This category contains both signed and unsigned artists.
Browse the bestseller lists and genres before you find a free music download that you’d like to have, and then listen to or download the album.
Additionally, you can create personalized radio stations, interact with other listeners on the forums, and learn more about your favorite SoundClick musicians.

Although you can download music for free, some musicians restrict access to their music to those who have paid for the song, while others allow only streaming.


  • Numerous genres to choose from No registration needed Numerous online music deals and discounts


  • Not every song is free and there is no single page dedicated to free music as it is mixed up with paid music.
  • Certain songs are only available via streaming.
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7. has several sites dedicated to free music downloads in all genres. You can sort these free downloads by type, new releases, or upcoming releases, or simply browse the entire collection.
A single click can download the song of your choice.
Apart from downloading, you can also listen to lots of tracks and get suggestions for bands you’ll enjoy.


  • Each download is just a single click away.
  • The majority of songs can be showcased prior to purchase.


  • It’s difficult to find free music because MP3 is the only format available for downloads

8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a music streaming and downloading platform. Professional artists sometimes upload content to SoundCloud, while amateur musicians post their work.

Not all tracks on SoundCloud is available for free, and some demand that you Like a Facebook page in order to access them. Notwithstanding, music that can be downloaded easily and without creating an account can either have a Download file button in the More menus or a FREE DOWNLOAD button directly underneath the album.
Although there are many ways to find exclusively free music on SoundCloud, such as browsing the Open Source section or searching for music tagged as free, some may be free as well that are not included in these categories.


  • Numerous releases of music from well-known and young, up-and-coming artists
  • Each track is streamable prior to downloading.
  • It’s easier to locate free downloads on this site than on certain other music streaming sites.


  • Must be logged in
  • Locating cost-free alternatives can be challenging.


9. BeatStars

BeatStars also offers free music downloads. One of the best things about this site’s offers is that you will not have to browse for them; simply click on the link below to obtain a list. You can sort the list by best-selling, trending, and most recently added products, as well as by genre and mood, including relaxed, lazy, motivational, and silly. Additionally, you can use many music styles as filters, including beats, beats with chorus, vocals, song comparison, and songs.

The most peculiar aspect of this platform is that you must first subscribe to the artist’s page or YouTube channel in order to access the download link for such songs. It just takes a few clicks and is completely free. Others require that you enter your e – mail address in order to generate the download link.


  • All of the available free downloads are grouped together.
  • Numerous genres to choose from.
  • Discover free music categorized by mood.


  • Before downloading any songs, you must connect to the artist’s website.

10. Spinrilla

Spinrilla offers free downloadable hip-hop mixtapes. You can search for such music downloads by mixtape title, single title, or list, such as today’s most popular mixtapes, this month’s most successful mixtapes, or all time’s most popular mixtapes. The website’s navigation is simple and intuitive, and you can purchase individual songs or entire albums in bulk. Additionally, this website allows you to view upcoming mixtape releases. The Future Mixtapes page details the release date for each mixtape.
These music files are available via the website, but you can also listen via the Spinrilla mobile application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

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  • Streaming and downloading available.
  • Multiple downloads or separately.
  • There are no advertisements on this website.


  • Account creation is needed.
  • Certain tracks are only available for streaming.

There we have it, if you need to download or stream music and songs for free then, you are just at the right place, feel free to check out all websites in this article as they are all known to provide free quality musics. If you love this article, you might as well share this article to your friends and family.

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