How to track lost or stolen Android with Google find my device

How to track and locate lost or stolen Android with Google find my device app

Google has made the tracing of lost android smartphones easy, and it makes it much easier to track your lost or stolen Android smartphone with my device app, get its current situation, wipe the data there, etc. It is important to safeguard your Android device with the required tracking apps at the frequencies at which phones have been stolen lately.

How to track lost or stolen Android with Google find my device 1

Having your phone stolen is painful, but which doesn’t have to be. Slow down and use Android’s built-in tools to locate your phone.

A day can turn into a lifetime in the single glance. You place your Android smartphone on a counter at the cashier stand, causing it to make a slight bump, but you later discover that your phone is missing. Regardless of the method by which you lose it, whether you are the victim of theft or a stupid mistake, losing your phone is a painful event.

Your phone cuts you off from the rest of the world; it is almost certainly the most personal device you own. It is costly to replace it.

There is no need to panic if your phone is stolen! Every Android phone includes tools which make locating a lost phone a simple task. However, you’ll first need to take active action now in order to lay the groundwork for future success when or if your phone actually goes missing even if you only left it at home.

Tracking your lost smartphone isn’t an easy task though. However, we want to share a post about how you are able to locate your lost Android smartphone with Cerberus, and that is a great application for auto-tracking. Cerberus is unfortunately a premium app, some of you can’t afford the annual premium charges.

How to find my device with Google Find My Device App

You will have to install the app on your Android smartphone and set it up before you can use it to locate your lost Mobile phone with Google Find My Device.

Download, install and log in to the application with your Gmail address and grant Google access to your location a then the process will start
To wirelessly find your device, login to find my app on a device with the same email as the Android device you used, find my device app or go to the Android or PC chrome browser to log in to the same email that find my device application is installed on the device and get information on the lost Android smartphone

  • With the play sound button, you can wirelessly trigger an alarm that plays sound on the device for 5 minutes.
  • You can lock the device remotely and leave messages for anyone with it.
  • You can also completely delete the device data and files by wiping the data on the device wirelessly
  • If the device is set to locate your device, you can then find the precise location of the device on Google map.

Before it is trackable by using the Google search app or web for my device, the lost device must also be connected with the internet and the same email address, and the location access of the said device should also be turned on to access its location on the Google map.

If it ends up going well, without helpings of the security officers, you can track your lost android device or at least get some relevant information yourself.

Download the Google Find My Device App today from the google play store, set the app up for the day you might need it, hopefully, the day it comes to your assistance you need it. Don’t wait until your device is lost before you get it sorted.

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